Ratan Bhattacharjee 01-12-1957


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To Dr Ratan Bhattachajee You are a great poet.
You've lot of creative power.Indeed I'm falling in love with your poems.I loved the way you expressed.My heart attached to your poems by reading.Specially your poem 'When every year valentine's day comes'.Great work.All the best.
You have a lot of creativity as a poet. Your verses are simple, readable, enjoyable and stylized. It doesn't give any brain raking efforts to a reader. Your themes are of variety and your tone is one of empathy and your voice philosophic. The noteworthy element is that every poem carries a puch in the concluding lines - a voice that is truly poetic and philosophic. This voice serves the real hub of your poems. This punch compels a reader for a long reflection and contemplation on the theme. I believe that this is the true purpose of every poetry. From this angle, your poems stand very much served to all of your readers. Thou hast a blest pen.
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