• Apocalypse Dream

    today the world ended
    tomorrow is gone
    today the world ended
    yesterday was wrong... more »

  • Dark

    To conceive a single promise
    and 50,000 lies
    when windows
    are like mirrors... more »

  • Gallows

    Running, walking, through the rain
    just to wash away this pain
    and falling down this path again
    this is what I truly am... more »

  • Gone

    I stand alone next to this wall
    don’t know how far I have to fall
    its not if, its when and where
    and whether I should ever care... more »

  • Hell

    I'll start it all now
    build myself up
    get used to THE BURNING
    I'm going to HELL... more »

  • His Words

    dark dark girl don't be afraid
    dark girl you know you should've stayed
    dark dark girl look at the light
    dark girl you know you lost that fight... more »

  • Honest

    Honestly I cannot breathe
    and honestly its fake
    that people love or even care
    its a lie! its true, I swear!... more »

  • Laughing Jack

    Isaac left, then he came back
    but he forgot our Laughing Jack
    Isaac killed a pretty girl
    left Jack smiling in a whirl... more »

  • Left To Nowhere

    in the dark,
    there is a light
    in the light,
    you can see... more »

  • Lighters

    I burn for you
    that's not enough?
    I forget, they're only scars
    that stain my arms... more »

  • Me

    Bite the bullet
    let it go
    gotta learn
    to just say no... more »

  • Never Dance

    Never dance with a broken man
    his bones are made of ice
    his skin is only petal-frail
    his eyes like acid rain... more »

  • Promises

    promise me something, that tonight when we say goodbye,
    no matter what, promise me you wont cry
    i said i'll come back, its true, i swear,
    but for now i must go, i'm happier there... more »

  • Raining

    begin again and break the bell
    forget the thing you cannot tell
    tried to warn you, ran away
    just to hurt you again today... more »

  • Ranting

    No words to equal silence
    in a broken metaphor
    with nothing quite as lonely
    as a freak... more »

  • Sister

    Raven, Alyce, Jinx and Fayde
    down upon one bed they laid
    twisted, tangled in each other
    Wishing, hoping, wanting Mother... more »

  • Split

    I am not the one they seek
    it takes much more to make us weak
    I’ll fall and break but never cry
    its only us, you all and I... more »

  • Suicide

    A pattern hath thou fallen too
    endless mourning of that untrue
    wait for death to prey on thee
    will thy eyes never see?... more »

  • Today

    There is no day like today
    No day like the one you can change
    No ethereal endless and erie dark nights
    no short sightless stow-a-way days... more »

  • Winter

    Drifting, drifting, drifting down
    Glimmer like a frosted crown
    The petals of each dying flower
    As the clouds create a tower... more »