• I Told Her Everything

    I told her everything
    Down to the last
    Drops of forgotten
    Disappointment... more »

  • Lesson 4/19

    Thank you for cold water
    To stand me up
    Coffee brewed strong as whiskey
    Distilling spirit into me... more »

  • Love Under This Sky

    Love under this sky
    At best it warps
    Wears out, wracks
    Itself upon walls... more »

  • Maybe My Muse

    Maybe my muse
    Missed me all week
    Neglected for necessary
    Now, hurry, again, go... more »

  • Next Time

    Next time I won't
    Spill my coffee
    Will compartmentalize
    Negativity and absent... more »

  • Secret

    I cannot tell you
    I love you wild
    Worlds would crumble
    At the release of those words... more »