• Broken Gift

    The gift I brought and gave to my friend
    Broken in pieces and how this end
    Not her fault but still it hurts
    I'll not scold her but I'm stressed... more »

  • Change

    is again sending messages for me
    This time I'm in a position
    Not knowing what to do... more »

  • Chitravi

    where was i before I could open my eyes...
    you were there rescuing me from all my lies
    my angel, my god, my love....
    For you I submit this vow...... more »

  • I Am What I Am

    I want to sit back
    Sit back and rest for a while
    For a while I stand to see
    And see You all pointing me... more »

  • I'M A Lazy Person

    who always wish to sit down the tree
    And enjoy the breeze... more »

  • Perfect Fan-My Mom

    It takes a lot to know love
    Its not the big things
    But the caring heart
    And prayers remembering you... more »

  • Prophet

    Sometimes I feel like a prophet
    Under the gun like a new diseased................. more »

  • Walking In Circles

    I'll never open my mouth to say

    For I kept my feelings away... more »

  • War

    War may come
    It may go.

    Many may die... more »

  • When It Comes

    When it comes to luck
    I'm the unlucky
    When it comes to time
    I'm always late... more »