• God Smiled

    Summon the gods, laugh out loud
    Let it rot and make mother proud
    I've been shot and I fell to the ground
    Leave me in this grave I buried for us... more »

  • Grammarian With Hiccups

    And of reasons I can't explain
    Of explanations I can't detail
    What seems to make most sense during fallen rain
    has now become something weak and frail... more »

  • Head Down

    I won't die untill you apoligize
    Won't Die untill you Die
    Oh Jesus, Oh Judas
    My Moods... more »

  • Her Only Clothes, Are The Falling Snow

    III. Her Only Clothes, Is the Falling Snow

    Staring blankly into a photo of a girl I'll never know
    I'm looking forward to getting stuck out in the snow... more »

  • He's Dead Mr.Finch

    Two cars crash from two sides of the world
    One injured, many dead, One a male other a girl
    Two thunderstorms across the god damn sky
    One shattered barn, many tipped over cows, all that is left is the wind's cry... more »

  • I Fall In Love Way Too Damn Much (Eyes Like Northern Lights)

    I know a girl that laughs
    And the clouds open
    I know a girl that smiles
    And makes the moon look like a wet candle... more »

  • I Get It And I Quit

    She sticks her chest out
    And no one looks
    Anything out of her mouth
    Is ignored... more »

  • I Saw My Wife Today

    I saw a girl today while I was in middle of a yawn
    She looked back at me and stuck out her tongue

    She stepped over my lawn to say hello... more »

  • I'M Sorry You'Re Just Not My (Daguerreo) Type

    Writing poetry on sidewalks
    and tapping this rhythm to the steps you walked away
    Singing sonnets on railroads
    and drumming / the number/ of tickets you bought... more »

  • It Bears Repeating/ How To Erase A Emotion

    She lost her Virginty on a doomed plane
    The only thing was found was a dark gloomy stain
    She said she was sorry, she said she was she was she was
    The hovering light spells outloud, Dust to Dust To dust to dust... more »

  • Just Like Rain

    Keen as the bullet so near, it deepens to the beat of the bombs. The hallow voice among the hallway telling us to just believe for once. But our faith is like the rain it only seems to be seen when we don't want it. But the rain can puddle up into something bigger. Our faith just explodes and goes into the drainage we call our souls. Only reappears when it seems like the smallest dropp could save us.

    A scent hovering above, its tale written in the feather's of an eagle. The eagle goes through pain just to explain a moment of one's life. But soon the eagle will die and all that will remain are the old feathers and the smell. But a scent and memories won't bring back the whole image. So we must savor the moment for the time it exists. Much like the rain a moment can brighten or darken your day. Rain can inspire but all a memory can do is drive you into a wall of doubt and depression.... more »

  • Kissing With Open Eyes

    Skies from the world around
    Fill with clouds of rain
    Lips turn, Bend into the moment
    Tears of joy, Drops of rain hit the ground... more »

  • Last Song (Leaning Against The Wall)

    The lights are set on
    And all the kids begin to leave
    The dj says 'this is the last song'
    I lean agianst the wall and begin to feel weak... more »

  • Letters I'Ll Never Stamp, Letters I'Ll Never Send

    Dear laurel
    You have been my recent love interest
    I guess you don’t want me, I guess that’s best
    But before I say goodbye, let me lay some things to rest... more »

  • Life Lessons From The Terminator 2

    Don't step into a world
    That you do not own
    Don't hold the hand of a girl
    that spits on yours... more »

  • Man Without Hands

    I just can't find a word, I can't find any symbol to explain
    This god damn sick and disturbed pain
    climbing and swimming in my veins... more »

  • March Around Juliet's Bier/ Too Late To Get Into A Rush

    Open the casket
    Stop this racket
    And put me farther under ground
    Where I will never hear sound... more »

  • Morphine

    Well switching a blade from outside and in
    I heard a clutter from the window seal
    It was a cutting sound; it mimicked a blade across skin
    It scared me to look but I do feel what I feel... more »

  • Movie Rental

    Teen crush turned True Love
    Spending these last few nights saying thanks god for sending this one below
    And when I look now, I see the skies above
    Are pissing down on me... more »

  • My Confession

    Here I am, in perfect form
    Take me or leave me
    Grab your cigarettes, you only have 20 minutes
    To Burn your life away... more »

  • My Finest Acting Was At Your Wedding.

    That’s not an aisle it’s a slippery road
    And all I’m seeing is a collision at the end
    That’s not a man; it’s a god damn boy
    Trust me, I’m your friend... more »

  • Negative Reaction To A Postive Thing

    A ript telephone book dangling from a pay phone
    Your number underlined and is carved into the glass
    And in these moments, as I am walking home
    I see the things I know I can't grasp... more »

  • Old Friend, How Far Down Did You Fall (True Birds Can Fly)

    Old Friend, My My You've lost it all
    Old Friend, Worst of all
    You lost me... more »

  • Open Fire On A Sweet Sixteen Party

    It's time for a celbration
    Let's celbrate
    Higher prices and self mutaltion
    Sudden Collabrate... more »

  • Outloud

    Here I am in a crowed room that feels so empty
    I am around all my friends but there lies this saddness inside of me
    She walks on water
    she never speaks to loud... more »