• A Taste Of Love

    My first encounter with love
    Was an experience impossible to forget.
    It felt as if the world stood still
    On the day that we met...... more »

  • Do You Feel The Same?

    So this is how you see me?
    Nothing more than a friend.
    So this is how we'll be?
    Please make me understand.... more »

  • Give Me A Chance

    You look like you're lost
    in a world filled with confusion.
    Your eyes tell a story
    that your lips could never reveal.... more »

  • Have You Ever?

    Had you ever fell in love
    And there was no one to catch you?
    Ever got lost in her eyes
    And she didn't come back to fetch you?... more »

  • I Won't Cry

    I won't cry
    Even though I am broken and sad.
    I won't cry
    Even though I gave you all I had.... more »

  • Is It Too Late?

    Is it too late to say I'm sorry?
    Is it too late to say I care?
    Is it too late to show you
    That I want to be there?... more »

  • It Must've Been A Dream

    I thought I've seen it all
    From beginning till the end.
    As the dawn of night falls
    I saw us walking hand-in-hand.... more »

  • Life Of A Teenager In Dibeng

    As I walk through life
    trying to survive,
    but there's a knife
    hanging above my head.... more »

  • Love Is In The Air

    While I'm walking down the street
    The smell of love hangs in the air.
    Couples holding hands
    Are to be found everywhere.... more »

  • Memory Lane

    Yeah I saw her again
    And it all came back.
    The meetings, our talks,
    Even the little arguments we had.... more »

  • Miss Me When I'm Gone

    It kills me that you have someone
    And still act as if nothing is wrong.
    Me standing in as his clone
    When the distance between you gets too long.... more »

  • Nothing....

    Its night again and I'm scared.
    With a heavy heart I must go to bed.
    As usual she is running through my head.
    I am numb... more »

  • One Step At A Time

    Take one step at a time
    and don't settle for anything less.
    Use the power of your mind
    to your full advantage to reach success.... more »

  • Seasons In The Sun

    As the sun of Autumn
    disappears on the horizon.
    The winds of Winter
    sweeps across the plains.... more »

  • So We're Lost?

    When I needed you
    You weren't there.
    I tried to reach out
    But you couldn't care.... more »

  • Some Time Alone

    o just let me re-walk
    As I take you back on the path of my life.
    Good talk and evil re-talk
    Arguing like a rapper praising a mic.... more »

  • The Greatest Danger Is Love

    I have stared into the eyes of death.
    I have witnessed its wrath.
    I have seen its destruction
    Leaving nothing behind in its path.... more »

  • The Replacement Lover

    I never minded when you woke me up
    with your midnight calls.
    Looking for a little laughter
    when I could hear your tears fall.... more »

  • There She Goes

    There she goes
    Without a single care in the world.
    Walking tall and not noticing me
    standing behind her, watching her.... more »

  • Train Of Pain

    I'm staring at the path
    And deep inside me I'm hollow.
    If I decide to leave
    Girl tell me will you follow?... more »

  • Weakness In Me

    I have seen men fought.
    I have seen men died.
    I have heard men promise
    To never leave your side.... more »