hi my is raymond john. i am a middel school student. i know pretty good poem right. well i wanted to become a poet or a artist some day.if you wanto sent me any poem.you can sent at johnray4ever@aol.com


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The Wonders Of A Poet And A Artist.

I followed the steps of Jacobs Lawrence’s.
The colors, line and details of every painting
I study every history and facts.
I wondered if I ever belong to an artist.... more »


life is hided in a dark hole.
where the secert is locked in a box.
life is key for the futuer and life hold the key to the box.
when life is dead, the secert is lost.... more »

The Wisdom Of My True Knowledge

True knowledge! ! !
Everyday I ask myself what is true knowledge?
I figure that true knowledge is base on skills and the activated of the brain.
My knowledge comes from the function and the focus of my words.... more »

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HATERZ FALL BAK! ! ! 29 Sep 2008 10:24
hey i realli don no who this is but HI!
Raymond John 08 Jan 2008 02:57
like this poem it have a message to it and it good