• 28 Years

    28 years... how long is 28 years?
    years filled with caring and attention
    years composed of triumphs and upheavals
    with laughter and glee... more »

  • 865

    Darkness.. It fills my entire being..
    with all my strength, I try as much to get loose from it.
    I cant.
    So I run.. for escaping it ain't easy.... more »

  • Chloe Angelica

    You could have been an artist
    And played songs from your heart
    You could have been a movie star
    And inspired others wherever you are... more »

  • Fears. (Please Be There This Time…)

    I want to be with you again… but I wish this time you’ll stay…
    I want to see you again… but i want to touch you this time…
    I want to hear you again… but I want to listen to you forever from now on…
    I wish to see you smile… I want to drown in your laughter till I die…... more »

  • Guitar...


    i took you from where you where hiding...... more »

  • Mother

    If tears could heal,
    then you'd be healed by now...

    If prayers were answers,... more »

  • Screaming

    ... more »

  • Suicide

    Is there such a man that would kill
    himself over and over again? ..
    then why do I always shut myself from
    the sunlight which brightens up my day?... more »

  • The Dream Has Come True

    As we walked through the bright lights of the mall
    A fleeting moment suddenly enveloped me
    Visions flew to and fro from my mind
    It took me back again to my younger past..... more »

  • The Missing.

    Ever searched for something that wasn’t there?
    Or found something that was gone?

    Ever felt good about something bad?... more »

  • Through The Looking Glass

    in a hospital, you're expectin a new member of your family..
    or someone else's...... more »

  • Trances

    3: 30 AM, wide awake.. thinking of you
    sipping bitter coffee, sounds playin' on the radio
    I'm missing you badly.. are you still there for me?... more »

  • 'Untitled'

    There is a word that I'm longing for so much
    There is a mystery and mystique everytime it beckons my ear
    Whenever it lingers in my head... more »