• 1. Memorial Day,1949

    They fling their flowers quickly out to sea.
    Each petal is a prayer upon a wave,
    Pressing against the tide deliberately.
    They dare to watch, recalling all they gave... more »

  • Across The Years

    Across the years you came to me
    singing sugared memories of summer
    And the pristine frosting of our youth.... more »

  • After The Knife

    After the Knife

    …and for the rest of her life,
    that unwanted child came to her in dreams... more »

  • Bassoon

    There is something so comforting in the sound
    of a bassoon singing strongly and deeply,
    filling all the dark corners of a concert hall.... more »

  • Broken Dreams

    Dreams often break
    on their way across the night
    with a terrible shredding sound as
    quiet tears brand the place... more »

  • Bury Me With Chocolates

    Bury me with chocolates,
    The kind I love so well.
    Send dark and bitter candy wreaths
    With leaves of caramel.... more »

  • Choking On Rainbows

    The day the son of Ana Maria de Santos
    was swept from her arms
    by a hillside of mud
    was the last time she saw colors.... more »

  • Claire De Lune

    Skate beneath a silver moon
    across an icy sky.
    Hum measures of Debussy
    and twirl to arpeggios sliding... more »

  • Classical Guitar

    Memories of other centuries
    live within this instrument,
    slipping along twisting streets
    within ancient walled cities.... more »

  • Deep Time

    In the forest where no one can hear,
    the proverbial tree falls.
    Sound waves like whispers waft
    across the sky and vanish.... more »

  • Dry Spell

    Words have stopped,
    Songs silenced,
    Paints dried, flaking,
    Feet no longer tapping rhythms.... more »

  • Echocardiogram

    Someone is eavesdropping on my heart.
    Wires taped to my chest
    reveal ocean sounds swishing
    rhythmically and without ceasing.... more »

  • Flowers From A Wedding

    After the wedding, her parents
    took bouquets to a nursing home
    where patients clapped their hands,
    remembering weddings and music and love.... more »

  • Fog Holds Lights


    Fog holds lights in soft hands stroking
    the bay, floating across waters alive... more »

  • Frozen Songs

    The woods are silent in a winter sleep.
    Snowflakes gather in a great hush,
    Pale notes heaped quietly one upon another
    And gently.... more »

  • Fugue

    It is nearly impossible
    to know which comes first,
    dream or fugue.... more »

  • Growing Old

    Year by year I feel youth escaping
    from my pores,
    leaving behind this wrinkled flesh
    and old songs flaking across my parched lips.... more »

  • How To Critique A Poem

    Go slowly.
    Nibble it around the edges and sigh.
    Lick the sugar off the top
    then close your eyes, remembering... more »

  • I Could Stay

    The clock no longer ticks
    But pounds past each minute
    Each hour
    Each morning and night... more »

  • In The Dream

    In the dream your image
    is just around the bend,

    your finger beckoning... more »

  • Ladders

    In Taos, pueblos are striped with ladders
    leading to blue doors like pieces of sky.

    Inside, braves wrapped in blankets... more »

  • Lullabies

    It is night and houses hold
    a hallowed hour of simple sweetness,
    subtle glow at the core,
    comfort framed within each window.... more »

  • Memories Are Only

    Memories are only
    Tattoos on the brain,
    Pain-etched, day by day,
    Brush-stroked in joy.... more »

  • Only In Stillness

    Only between heartbeats
    and wave beats,

    only as a quiet fog... more »

  • Poem Soup

    Poem Soup

    Take one large scoop of words,
    Blend in rhythm... more »