Raziq Faani was a renowned Persian poet and novelist from the city Kabul. He published more than ten volumes of poetry and novels in Persian.

Raziq Faani was one of Afghanistan’s most celebrated contemporary poets, whose work is described as mystical, compassionate, and patriotic. His poems describe the suffering of the his people through decades of war, destruction, and exile.

Faani received his primary and secondary education in Afghanistan, and earned a Master’s degree in political economy in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1967. He had already published his first book of poetry, “Armaghan-e Jawani”, in 1966. Returning to Afghanistan, it was only following the Soviet invasion that he returned to literary work. His second work, the novel "Baaraana" was published in Kabul in 1983. In 1987, with the situation in Kabul worsening, he published a selection of political satire entitled “Ameer e Ba Salaheyat” (Competent director). He left Afghanistan in 1988, and lived with his family in San Diego, California. His nephew is the Afghan singer Ahmad Shah Hassan. He died on 22 April 2007 at age 63, in California.


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