Razorblade Kiss Biography

My name is Stephany, but my friends call me Steph for short so either one works. I hate when people call me Stephy. My one friend calls me step for some reason that I have yet to find out. I have the idea that I’m Batman! I’m also the Mad Hatter from Alice in wonderland. I have 4 piercing; I have my ears, nose, belly button, and an industry done. I have 2 tattoos; I have a cat on my shoulder and tigger with the word mom in a heart on my leg. I’m getting 4 more tattoos...and one of the tattoos will say “if you are reading this you are a stalker.” On my 18th birthday I’m getting my tongue pierced. I don’t own any part of my body….everyone of my friends seem to own parts of me. Umm I don’t give a fuck about what people say or think about me. I’m very random at times. I speak my mind and if you don't like....too bad for you