• Cheat

    You say that you love me
    That I'm perfect in your eyes
    That I'm the only one
    But that was a lie... more »

  • Coming Soon (From The Desk Of The Watcher)

    I watch her lie in her bed
    Her breath is short
    She is almost dead
    I read a poem of his arrival... more »

  • Cryptic Wings

    Yearning for something I could never achieve,
    A distant thought on a transparent stream,
    I chased fantasies with frailty for wings,
    Tattered and weakened, I crawl forth and dream.... more »

  • Death’s Call (From The Desk Of The Dieing)

    As I lay here in my bed
    I know I’ll soon be dead
    I feel a rush of cold air
    And I know he’s there... more »

  • Delusional Dreams

    Hold on to me,
    Just a little longer,
    We need redemption,
    But for now,... more »

  • I Am

    I am grim reaper black deadly at times,
    mysterious dark, stightly depressed
    I am always prepared to win a fight
    but deep down inside I am a tint of bubble gum pink... more »

  • Listen

    Is anybody listening?
    Because though the tears and blood
    I can never tell
    Abused by the world, I pary for an end... more »

  • Mourning

    I sit alone pondering the mysteries of life.
    A blade in my hand.
    What happens when it ends?
    Is there some better place that we go?... more »

  • My Words Fall On Deaf Ears...

    I have been lead to believe that Betrayal can be one of the most difficult emotions to live with. It sit in the pit of your stomach like a growing stell ball as you relize you placed so much trust into the betrayer. Your tears are no comfort, and when you have nothing but yourself, you know your were a fool. It's a growing anxiety as you wonder what there doing with the knowledge you so willinly imparted on them.

    I have been betrayed so many times in my short life I often find myself wondering why I haven't grown accostum to the ache it brings. Or why haven't I learn that trusting, even kin, can bring it, perhaps even more so simple because they are your family.... more »

  • Need A Title

    alone in my darkness,
    cold and dead,
    the blood i've shed,
    bleeding crimson red,... more »

  • Relucting Pleas

    Forgive me,
    For I am weak,
    I stand not as strong,
    I stand, not at all.... more »

  • Sorry....

    I hope you hear me when I cry for you at night
    I want you to know that I love you
    my head kept saying “Just let go”
    My heart kept saying “why would you let go of something so beautiful? ”... more »

  • Tears Of Blood For My Valentine

    I always thought Valentines Day was a joyous one.
    Couples getting together in acts of true love,
    But this year is different.
    My heart was broken.... more »

  • The Cycle

    I suppose its destined for me to always fall hard, then soon have my heart broken.
    But for once I though the cycle wouldn’t repeat.
    Just the thought of him made me smile,
    I started to love him and I’m not sure but he may have felt the same.... more »

  • The Merry-Go-Round Melody

    One time you told me you loved me
    But then the next time you told me you wished me to die
    And so goes the merry-go-round we call our love
    How you could treat me this way I do not know,... more »

  • Valentine Poem

    Valentines Day
    a useless holiday that serves no real purpose
    except to allow couples to parade around and show off what they have
    but what about those who don't have anyone... more »