• Life

    Love should be your goal,
    peace should be your dream.
    Imagine a better world,
    for all of your children.... more »

  • Mother Earth

    I have climbed to the tops of the trees.
    I have spun with the sun on my face.
    No walls surround me;
    No chains bind me.... more »

  • Music

    Inner eyelids,
    compleatly dark.
    resinating music.... more »

  • Shadows

    Shadows on the wall.
    People in silhotte.
    Light around but not within.
    Slicing through the light,... more »

  • Silence

    What do you hear?
    beyond the silence.
    I hear the sun rising on the other side of the earth while the moon sleeps where I lie.... more »

  • Still The Same

    Ants dance
    in the sand
    making patterns
    seen by men.... more »

  • Unrequited

    I want to live,
    I want to breath,
    to survive without you.
    I want to laugh,... more »