RP Rebecca Pepper 08/08/1996

I was born in Lincoln where i lived for the first 13 years of my life and blah, blah, blah. Theres not much to me to be honest, I write poems, complain about difficulties, laugh at jokes... laugh at ANYTHING really :) Speak way too fast when I'm happy which is most of the time. Glare way too much when I'm annoyed and fail at hiding my emotions. So yeah just a normal human being: annoying, silly and borderline insane :)

I enjoy writing poems and I will only post poems I have created myself you will know if they are mine because they are morbid and normally involve some sort of depression because I'm happy like that OR there are a few 'love poems' that I vomit out every now and then but they normally fail epically, still I hope you enjoy them. My poems are born from ANYTHING literally I saw a Butterfly once and KABOOM created a whole memory stick of dark, depressing and slightly insane poems, can you see the link? Yeah? Because if you can I advise you to take psychology classes because you are amazing at reading between the lines.

Would just like to add that my poems are very rarely about me, just putting that out there because I can totally understand if you read some of my poems that you could assume that I'm a psycho murderer but no, all the poems especially the darker ones are totally NOT from experience. Of course if you wish to see me as some psycho murderer or depressed violent multipersonality...person then feel free to.

Anyway now that all that’s out the way, I hope you enjoy my poems and please comment on my poems I'll be happy to see how I can improve my poems. Thank you :)



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hi Pepper: * i thought i'd try and see what this site is about, and since we left school this is the only way i can read your amazing poems: P i've been writing a couple aswell so if you checked them out it'd be great! x
hey! good job! looking forward to read more..