I am a not so normal teenage girl who adores vampires, roleplaying and music. Lived my whole life in Australia, it's really a very pretty place, landscape wise. And no, we don't ride around on kangaroos... lol: D
My poems tend to reflect my feelings, as you may be able to tell. Poetry is good for expressing yourself, I belive.
Sorry to anyone if you feel offended by any of my poetry. Some days I am quite emotional and a poem comes from nowhere.


Rebecca Pring Poems

Story Of The Two Dark Angels

Two dark angels, born to love.
Not from below yet not from above.
One day they met and from that day on
They loved each other, but why is it wrong?... more »

What Feeling Is This?

What is this feeling?
The feeling that grows inside.
Day by day it grows,
Filling my being... more »

For You

I want you more than you can know
Take your mind, your body and soul.
Wrap you in my arms so tight
Hold you close right through the night.... more »

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