• For You

    I want you more than you can know
    Take your mind, your body and soul.
    Wrap you in my arms so tight
    Hold you close right through the night.... more »

  • For You, Part The 2nd

    You, my whore
    My little thief,
    My lying friend,
    My soul you keep.... more »

  • My Everything

    Fractured lights and swirling dreams.
    Poisoned, insecurity.

    Hold these shards, my shattered soul... more »

  • Needed, Wanted

    The need for your touch,
    It drives me insane.
    The need for your love
    Takes over again.... more »

  • Pain

    I love you I love you I love you
    But I shouldn't
    I shouldn't, and it hurts me
    Wanting you is an understatement... more »

  • Phoenix

    Risen from ashes,
    Beauty from pain,
    My heart is healing
    I feel whole again.... more »

  • Pledge

    Hurting, broken, dying, alone.
    Lonely never hurt back then.
    Feel again despair and pain,
    My paranoia's here again... more »

  • Shatters

    Fragile soul
    You broke it
    Without trying to
    You shattered my core... more »

  • Story Of The Two Dark Angels

    Two dark angels, born to love.
    Not from below yet not from above.
    One day they met and from that day on
    They loved each other, but why is it wrong?... more »

  • What Feeling Is This?

    What is this feeling?
    The feeling that grows inside.
    Day by day it grows,
    Filling my being... more »

  • You And Me

    Hear you breathe
    In the dark of the night,
    Makes me glad that I’m alive.... more »