• A Day With My Family

    A day with my family, a treasure for sure.

    The clear-crystal lake, the sky colored azure.... more »

  • Bury Me At Wounded Knee

    Bury me at Wounded Knee,
    for my heart grows faint and my body grows old.
    The grounds too soft for my feet to tread,
    and the nights are cold; too cold.... more »

  • Dancing Til Dawn

    Dancing til dawn, in a dream filled with bliss,
    touching, carressing, a lingering kiss.
    Dancing til dawn, in a sky full of dreams,
    sprinkled with stardust, lying in moonbeams.... more »

  • Destiny

    Through the winds of change, I can see your smiling face.
    I see you in the summer sun, I can see you in every place.
    I can see you in the tree tops, I can feel you in the air,
    I can feel you in my heart, I can feel you everywhere.... more »

  • Destiny Calls

    Destiny calls me,
    as starlight falls on me,
    and the whispering wind caresses my skin.... more »

  • Destiny's Child

    You have it your way,
    I'll just let it be.
    We're all on a road now
    where it's too dark to see.... more »

  • Dreaming

    In the recess of my sleep, as the stars shine out at night,
    are vivid visions that I keep, filled with shining light.
    To catch the fullness of my dream, I come close and yet,
    the memory slowly fades it seems, and still I can't forget.... more »

  • Family Ties (Written For My Husband Weylin And His Son Brandon)

    Come to me with your heart wide open.

    Do not be afraid to come out of your shell.... more »

  • Have You Thought...

    Have you thought to be a bird sitting in a tree,
    surrveying all the landscape as far as you could see?

    Have you thought to be a tree standing tall and proud,... more »

  • He Is Just A Dream

    Each night I lay dreaming of a love so deep,
    while the stars shine above, and the worlds asleep.
    He takes my hand and we dance in the sky,
    and I wonder why,... more »

  • I Am A Woman

    I am a woman, sensual to the core;
    mysterious, curious and hard to ignore.
    I like to feel silk, satin, and lace,
    the touch of a hand carresing my face.... more »

  • I Don'T Know Your Story

    I don't know your story.
    I don't know your song.
    I don't know your destiny;
    whether right or wrong.... more »

  • I Love You So

    So nice to hear from you my dear, I hope we keep in touch,
    It's so nice to hear your words, I miss you very much!
    I often keep my deeper self tucked within my heart,
    this way I don't bare the pain of being torn apart.... more »

  • I Wonder Where You Are Tonight

    I wonder where you are tonight; I wonder what you do.
    I wonder what is on your mind; what you're going through.
    I wonder who makes your heart beat; who makes you smile,
    I wonder who makes you dizzy with love; the one you'd walk that extra mile.... more »

  • If We Met One Day...

    If we met in a park one day,
    would you simply sit and stare?
    Or would you sit and smile at me?
    Or would you look past me like I wasn't there?... more »

  • In Another Place And Time

    In another place and time,
    we could have been lovers.
    In another place and time,
    we could have been friends.... more »

  • In The Woods

    In the woods, where the Blueberries grow,

    is where we often like to go.... more »

  • Just A Girl

    I've been down a few roads before, I will admit.
    And there's a few lifestyles where I just wouldn't fit.
    But how is it up there in your perfect world?
    I am no saint or queen, but I'm serene being just a girl.... more »

  • Lady Lenessa

    Oh Lenessa, lady fair,

    eyes of amber gold.... more »

  • Life Is A Stage

    Life is a stage, and we all must play our part.
    Doing our best, straight from our heart.
    Some play the joker, and some play the fool,
    while some play with hearts, and others play it cool.... more »

  • Midas Touch

    Everything you touch, simply turns to gold,
    my lips when you kiss me, my hand that you hold.
    I melt every time you walk into a room,
    like a budding rose, when you touch me I bloom.... more »

  • My Little Boy (For Johannes Living In Germany)

    Golden hair and eyes of brown, you are my little boy.

    To be your mom through the years, has filled my heart with joy.... more »

  • Peter And The Wolf

    Long ago in a far away land, when ages still were good,
    there was a boy named Peter, who lived right by the wood.
    It was upon a sunny morn inside the outer gate,
    that Peter decided to step outside, and chance his very fate.... more »

  • Plight Of The Florida Panther

    Mysterious creature of the night,
    your silouhette captured by fading light.
    Your cat-like grace prevailing,
    your saddend secrets telling,... more »

  • Power Of The Dream

    Night time gathers with silent feet,
    as the moon arises in the sky.
    Tired souls are fast asleep,
    as echoing stillness lingers by.... more »