• A City Song

    There’s a constant rumble
    To the pounding beat
    Of the people’s hearts
    As the rhythm of the street.... more »

  • A Solitary Walk

    I walked the shore one lonesome night;
    a shore so far from your embrace.
    I heard the waves lap at the shore
    and heard the voice of the sweetly singing sea.... more »

  • A Stone Named Want

    There is a big black stone
    on my chest
    that keeps growing heavier.
    I thought I was free... more »

  • Alarm

    A screaming black presence
    on my shelf
    with bloody little red eyes
    squinting at me... more »

  • An Explination

    It's self-defense.
    They were raped, burned,
    babies were used as targets for guns,
    mothers were murdered in front... more »

  • As I Am: Ruins

    It's because I feel.
    I feel-
    He's gone; I've made him go.
    Like an avalanche, I have gone,... more »

  • Avoidance

    Putting the mattress
    on your head
    is one way
    to clean under the bed.... more »

  • Beauty

    What is beauty?
    Where is
    that strangling nymph
    that so many men... more »

  • Children

    Children are the wind,
    gone so soon,
    but pleasant and lovely,
    like the light of the moon.... more »

  • Cold River Wind

    I am convinced there is a god
    in the river.
    I am lucky.
    I am not like the Japanese man... more »

  • Core Motion

    It’s something like a fire,
    Consuming and burning.
    It’s something like a flower
    Blooming and wilting in its time.... more »

  • Dark Curls

    I have wronged
    the girl with the long dark hair
    who asked for nothing
    but to follow me.... more »

  • Dear Reader, I Am Not Insane

    I recognize these marks,
    marks of that dark magic I knew so well,
    and have learned to fear.
    Suddenly the life around me is still.... more »

  • Faceless Voices

    I am never alone
    with only myself.
    Oh what a luxury
    loneliness could be!... more »

  • Falling Torrent

    She has strength
    and beauty.
    she is blue sapphire
    of clear glass falls.... more »

  • Father's Funeral Services

    Poetry died with my father.
    His death marked my first time in a Catholic church.
    I remember the man nailed up high,
    looking more like a beaten homeless man... more »

  • For My Apollo

    This world is not so dark anymore;
    you have been my lamp.
    The sun is not so harsh anymore.
    You are the beauty in the rain, in the snow.... more »

  • Forever Is Ours

    We have bones of earth,
    that dance, that march,
    coved with skin
    thinly spun from secrets.... more »

  • Ghosts

    I feel a calm panic,
    a sort of trapped fear,
    driving particular small town streets
    late at night.... more »

  • 'He Wears No Crown...'

    Deep in the valley
    full of numb despair
    there is a hollow hill.
    A dark place in the grass... more »

  • Human

    Give me dust of life
    and futures gone before
    and faces of the dead
    crying out from wood and stone.... more »

  • I Can'T Imagine Paradise Alone

    Adam left God,
    left Eden,
    for Eve.
    Eve was deceived,... more »

  • I Do Not Respond

    The people live in eternal night,
    so when the sun goes to bed,
    they don't always realize that it is dark.
    The streetlight is lonely tonight.... more »

  • I Gave Away The Sun

    The road is narrow,
    the pavement cracked.
    I'm still enamored
    with it's mosaic of grey... more »

  • I Shake My Head At The Silly Women

    I sat there staring out the window,
    not seeing what was there, but thinking
    over why the Norwegians are so obsessed
    with the idea of hope.... more »