• A Finite

    Thou art as mine own soul, thou placeth every beat upon its staff
    Thy flesh cleaveth unto my bones
    And they gravity circumvents my spirit in its chambers
    I'm bound betwixt thy whispers, gentle as the wind... more »

  • Death

    Thus the mortal writes...
    An eulogy is simply forgotten upon the cemetery lawn...
    Do we speak in a forward tongue to the undead simpletons?
    Merely to proclaim that peace replaces every dropp of blood for your cadaver?... more »

  • Forever The Same

    For where is my heart... Sir, I truly do not know
    Where is this beating, I've grown accustomed to flow
    Where is the reflection, that seems to be so true... more »

  • Gravity

    You are the sunrise, dancing in my eyes
    You are the peace that flows, and the love that grows

    I could never breathe a moment, without you there... more »

  • Intertwined

    Holding this child within my intertwined arms
    Has made me realize how much of me I've truly lost
    One child, so humble, so sweet, so loving
    Could do more for a million than I... more »

  • Master

    Doth thou hate mine painted soul?
    Wilt thou refuse thy quivering arrow?
    Canst thou daunt the morrow of seven?
    Didst thou dream of embers aflame?... more »

  • Once

    My daughter renowned, open thy vein to flow majectically through thy door
    Touch the blood as it cascades down thy shattering floor
    O' Little one, taste the red hands, sweet as solace renewed on a moonset grave
    Measured by thy blood and weighed by the searing crave... more »

  • Sea Of Glass

    Where do I belong...
    Without reason, without rhyme
    Without love and without time
    Without rest or a place to lay... more »

  • Willows Sorrow

    Willow branches do break
    Beneath the worlds wake
    A solemn cry do ye yearn
    But later hate is what ye learn... more »

  • Willows Stain

    This stained willow tree
    Cries forth sap of crimson
    and bleeds forth bark of blue
    Stale tides are her hearth... more »

  • Yesterday

    As curtains draw, and prayers are revealed
    A cinematic portrait, of what has now been sealed
    A pertaining impression, as we watch tomorrow die
    To hold you only once, and gaze into your eyes... more »