• A Night’s Tale

    When the dusk sink among the darkness,
    The twilight wakes up from sleep.
    The family of night came in the sky,
    For a new start of beauty.... more »

  • Colour Me The Colours

    Sign me as a part of your life,
    Take me as a part of your soul,
    Love me as a part of your heart,
    But look at me, how much can I do for you.... more »

  • Discover And Invention

    An apple falled on the ground,
    Then Newton discovered the theory of gravity.
    A bird’s flew at the sky,
    Then the Wright brothers invented the flying machine.... more »

  • Friendship - The Bond Of Trust

    Time and tide never wait for man,
    Flight never wait for late passenger,
    Woman never wait for man's perfection
    But a friend always wait a friend.... more »

  • My Dream, My Destiny

    The night may write the beauty of skies along with stars,
    The sun may shine to showcase the purity and secret of nature,
    Who knows the preal need polish and the meaning hides in a corner,
    No index but touch the feelings.... more »

  • Tears Of Love

    So many times after,
    We met again, in the same place
    The same day, the same time
    But the calender may change.... more »

  • The Old Lady

    Time she spend without any rest,
    Half sleep, half food, half smile.
    She worked like an electric machine
    That she rest between the seconds.... more »

  • Wake Up The Dreams

    Time that slips away before our eyes,
    He is a friend we can trust and have.
    But he never betrayed anyone and don’t have foes,
    He is a good guide of us.... more »

  • Words - Its Nothing The Human Senses

    Words never grown up inside the brain,
    Wodrs never contain inside the ink,
    Words never define nothing,
    But the human senses grows, contain and define all.... more »