Reece Kaye Poems

A Poultry Affair At The Fair.

Them farm girls at t’market
All laughed at moi hair
Thems said it was sad, like a mullet
Oi said “It’ll look better,... more »

Engage Brain/Deploy Clutch

She ran out screaming with pleasure
The examiner gave her a pass
She poured herself a large measure
After that day, she drove from her ass.... more »

Valentine’s View Of A British Soap Opera

Ah love sweet love
Make me, not frown
And all will be thy pleasure’s fill
It’s forward and back, not up and down... more »

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Emancipation Planz 20 May 2008 03:18
The poet brings forth both a worthy colelction of poems and a good bout of PML but wearing a nose peg is compulsory whilst actioning both the read and PML...