I am a born St.Lucian. I have been writing poems for a while but had no place to put them. I have lost hundreds of poems due to lost books and computer crashes and because of that I stopped writing. Now I have decided to start back and I have found a place where I can put my poems and have people who love poems to read them.

I started writing because I love the way artist used words to describe a moment in time. I love how rapper play with word to say what they feel and I started trying out and I enjoyed it.

So here I am writing slowly I hope you enjoy what I write do not be afraid to comment


Reginald Francois Poems

Waiting Effect

No smile, I ask why
No tear, No cry
Happiness all gone
Your joy all done... more »

After Joy Comes Misery

I am the sweetest Fool ever known

A Black soul of love unsown... more »

A Leap Of Faith

Time stops with each breath
I wonder what's left
Thoughts flying throw my mind
Oh God, she looks fine... more »

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