• A Leap Of Faith

    Time stops with each breath
    I wonder what's left
    Thoughts flying throw my mind
    Oh God, she looks fine... more »

  • After Joy Comes Misery

    I am the sweetest Fool ever known

    A Black soul of love unsown... more »

  • Broken Hearted

    I thought you were the one

    To brighten my day and bring me fun... more »

  • Fake

    I hid behind my smiles
    I hide behind my lies
    The happiness you see, stretches out for miles
    The horror you don’t, like trash bring flies... more »

  • First Contact

    A shocking display
    Coming straight my way
    Mouth open, nothing comes out
    There is still time, without a doubt... more »

  • From Dark To Light

    You bring warmth to my cold

    Melt my ice with your bold... more »

  • I Am

    I am

    Too nice to be called a DOG
    Too evil to be called a SAINT... more »

  • I Can Only Be Me

    I am only trying to be me

    But Me is how I'll be... more »

  • I Know Why A Cage Bird Sings

    Locked up and Shackle
    But no chains to tackle
    Try to speak
    Am I really so weak... more »

  • Lost Friend

    It is sad to see the our friendship end
    Like a bottle of ink without pen
    Like words for a poem to be repeating
    But no paper to keep them flowing... more »

  • Love

    The meeting of a love
    Is like the protection of a tight glove
    Like a feather floating on a summers breezes
    It brings to the heart nothing but ease... more »

  • Love Left My World

    I never thought I would feel this way
    Lost, abandon, hopeless like a stray
    But life has shown me its two face coin
    It gave me joy, so its second face I had to join... more »

  • Lover's Pride

    I run to the left, I run to the right
    I will run until my legs take flight
    For love so true
    Oh a love so true... more »

  • Morning Wake

    Oh how I want to sleep
    But the mornings quickly creep
    With rays of monstrous light
    Which completely kill my night... more »

  • Poets' Plan

    I should give up on writing poetry
    For I realize I can never be a poet, see
    I lack the luster, the flair, the shine
    To put my words together and make them divine... more »

  • Power Of Words

    My letters say what they have to

    My sentences speak free... more »

  • Proposal

    I don't know how to start
    To express the feelings of the heart
    So today I put on paper
    My words to my lover... more »

  • Shattered Love

    Rushing waters torrential rains
    Flow within my heart
    And pain so deep, a cut so sharp
    To tear my soul apart... more »

  • Thank You

    You do not know the effect you have
    Without you love my soul would starve
    you take the evil out my day
    You bring happiness to me, like kids in play... more »

  • The Power Of A Poem

    I have a poem forming in my heart

    A destructive power that can tear my soul apart... more »

  • The Question

    Do not know what to do
    Do I really love you?
    The is what I ask
    To find out is my task... more »

  • The Thoughts Of Depression

    Here we go again
    Another dark patch in a life of pain
    Your sun shine is my scorching heat
    A soulless body moving to a mundane beat... more »

  • The Words Of Despair

    My life has fallen in a place which is dark
    My hearts flashlight has fallen apart
    All I see is a future that is not nice
    I feel lifeless like a rat trap that caught 2 mice... more »

  • This Is...

    To Specail to realise
    To important to Customize
    This is what we thought... more »

  • Tired

    Tired of be last
    Tired of being the past
    Tired so solving the problems of other
    But my tears can never fall on the shoulders of brothers... more »