Renu Sandhu Quotes

Embrace the new ideas sometimes ideas of some wise or genius persons are worth considering, may be sometimes it is ahead of time. But these persons deserve reward not punishment if their ideas are valuable and we use it to for our advantage or benefits or betterment. Be grateful to them Harmeet Sandhu
We all have different prospectives about life, it's philosophy, choices, preferences and other situations so keep in mind the individual differences and their situation when we are considering other 's way of life Harmeet Sandhu
Stand out from others being a part of them, keep your uniqueness intact Harmeet Sandhu
' Stay true to your commitments whether it is personal or professional ' Harmeet Sandhu
' Keep your ego aside to be a good, kind, humble person and professional Harmeet Sandhu
' Master your own mind to know and to understand what is wrong and right, original or artificial, gold or gold plated ' Harmeet Sandhu
' Don't judge others only based on your view point but try to think from their prospective and situations ' Harmeet Sandhu
' Be nice to everyone, and don't create fear to others '
Try to be rational. Having a power doesn't give someone right that whatever they are doing even something wrong, is justified only because they have power and could crush the helpless and powerless. We are living in a modern world where we are all answerable or should be answerable to our deeds. Harmeet