• A Hill Of Chamomile

    My Lady often teases me, about her wild hair style
    Something she often likens, to a hill of chamomile.
    But I always tell her, she can tease and tease and tease
    But she is right up there, with cows and dogs and trees.... more »

  • 'A Postcard From Kuching'

    A postcard arrived here today
    From a land that James Brooke cried for
    That took me back to the rifles crack,
    And the land I almost died for!... more »

  • After The Storm

    Ah, the wind, the wind is dying,
    As it puts the storm to bed,
    In the sky the clouds are flying
    As they chase each other o’erhead.... more »

  • 'Alias'

    A parcel returned.
    ‘Addressee Not Known! ’
    I phoned to check
    But the address was right.... more »

  • 'Ancient Visions'

    An elderly gentleman
    Standing in the middle of the junction
    Completely oblivious to the traffic
    Trying to edge around him.... more »

  • Appalachia, Applachia.

    Appalachia, your green mountains are weeping black tears.
    Mine Owners. Your neighbours are living in fear.
    You're raping the mountains and Good Mother Earth,
    Your millions are nothing to what this land is worth!... more »

  • 'Asked Mother'

    “These are your playmates? ” asked Mother.
    Eyeing the East End kids
    On the TB ward, warily!
    “Why, they talk like gutter-snipes.... more »

  • Babycakes!

    Picture This.

    Knock on the door
    Postman... more »

  • 'Beech Wood Haiku'

    Evening sun shines
    Sideways through the trees ~ bird song
    Calling all to rest
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~... more »

  • Better To Go Barefoot

    Better to go bare-foot,
    Than wear that old soft shoe.
    Be the altar of your own soul,
    And let them come and worship you!... more »

  • Blades

    I am the sword of the Samurai,
    Lovingly sharpened, honed,
    Polished by skilled craftsman’s hands.
    Some talk of thirsty blades,... more »

  • Bloody Moon

    Lantern hanging in the trees,
    Full moon overhead,
    An orange moon, a bloody moon,
    As I buried my dead!... more »

  • Book Shelves

    I have no time
    For poetry and such
    Today I must make bookcases... more »

  • 'Bow Music'

    The old man plays his bow
    And dreams of the young maid
    The young maid listens to his music
    And dreams of a young man.... more »

  • Boxes.

    When I
    First moved into
    This house I had a bed
    And a rocking chair to my name.... more »

  • Boys And Girls

    You said,
    'You must be nine! '
    In your fond,
    Mock chiding, voice.... more »

  • Breathing You In

    I like the cool side of the pillow
    The warm side of the bed
    Your long slim legs entwined with mine
    Your head beside my head.... more »

  • Brown-Bread Tommy.

    Poor Tommy Atkins
    In trouble
    Running round the square
    “Double! ”... more »

  • 'Bugis Street'

    Old Bugis Street was quite a sight
    With acetylene lamps burning bright
    Tables and chairs from end to end
    Where you could meet and greet a friend... more »

  • 'Bush Fire Tanka'

    I remember smoke
    On the wind, always warning
    Of approaching fire... more »

  • 'Campfire Dreams' A Tanka Chain

    Tribal voices call
    Uniting all the People
    The beat of the drum... more »

  • Caroline.

    You were a wild child
    Like a banquet, feasting life
    Beauty dancing past.... more »

  • 'Cinnamon'


    A sliver of cinnamon bark
    In my bowl of saffron rice... more »

  • Come My Darling.

    Come My Darling. Hold me tight,
    Kiss me now and through the night,
    To love so well will break no law,
    So kiss me now then kiss me more.... more »

  • 'Cosmic Moorings'

    I know my place in time and space
    My position in the human race

    I've a good idea where I am going... more »