Rev. Dr. A. Jacob Hassler Comments (13)

To the witty man that cracked me up by stating...'perversion isn't a hobby, it's a lifestyle!
Bloody brilliant! Brutally honest, cynical yet strangly upliting outlook that is so well expressed. Hands up to a poetic genius! (btw, i'm new at this, so if you wanna give me some tips...)
Just checked out your work again. I am fishing for something new.You amplify my lack of talent. I dig your style, look forward to reading your poems in the future. I want to invent a drink and name it after you, too bad pink squirrel is already taken.
You are amazing, wild, sharp, witty, edgy, now, subtle, succinct, even lovable, and dammit talented. Now I know why I hate you.
If possible, I ask you to write some more.
I know I’ve commented here before, but I need to again: Many of your poems have humor, some the blunt truth, In the case of Christine, amazing fragile beauty! Always Continue to express your vision, Jake!
Don't hate the playa. Hate the game.
Jake, I think you are a really good poet, I hope you write a million poems!
a. jacob, Thanks for the advice on my poem, I've made a change in the verse you suggested and I believe it works well. I like the way you use rhyme particulary in 'The Rejection Slip'. I see you are from Philadelphia...I grew up there and still work in the city. Thanks again for the advice and keep on producing poetry. Kenneth
Wow! Such an imagination. I enjoyed almost everything of yours in this site. It's left me craving for more. I'm espescially impressed with Burelesque Haiku, Big Easy, and Fingerprints. Theyu're my favorite. Write on, Jake!
Usually I dont enjoy short poems.But yours is an exception.I really loved them. Very clever wordplay.Your other poems are also very good(read all of them) .Looking forward for more.
You're so beautifully crude and harsh- I love it!
'Jake the Hassler'...even your name conjures up the image of someone who catches people off guard and also manages to inspire...a visonary of biting vocabulary...I like your perspectives Jake, and the snippets of insight that throughly entertain the 'thinking persons' sensibilities. Keep it going! warmly, adrienne ;)