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An Open Letter To The Poets At Poemhunter.Com

An Open Letter to the Poets at

I have known Kathleen Foster, the Canadian poet on this site for more than 30 years. She has worked with me and been in my employ, both as a personal secretary and has been a vital part of our children’s ministries and mission services under my leadership. Her integrity and moral compass are and have always been on the highest level. She is a loving wife, mother and grandmother. We are both members at the Hamilton choir in which she performs. She has come to me regularly for counsel during this time frame. Her husband is aware of any and all correspondence she has placed on poemhunter; I have spoken directly to him on this matter. Kathleen has been examining possibilities for future employment and investigated the poet site. Her motive was to understand the art of the poet, and she hoped to share some personal experiences and interests in writing. She has a desire to give some hope for a troubled world.
After counselling with Kathleen and seeing the poet’s responses on the Poemhunter’s Site, I have advised her to seek career options elsewhere.... more »

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