• Bloodied Hands: Inner Call

    Killed another man today
    But guilt has long faded away
    What I am now is an empty killing machine
    Already gave up on becoming clean... more »

  • Cutting

    I needed a reminder that I can still feel
    Not the excruciating numbness that always seem to swallow me whole... more »

  • Danse Macabre

    Fifteen slashes to ease the pain
    Blood flowing while scars are gained
    Flashes of steel glint in the moonlight
    Apparition of death appears in the night... more »

  • Gone

    A dropp of blood slid from petals soft of crimson hue,
    Lax hands loose thorny bodies of exquisite vegetation;
    Clear rain fall down upon ivory white softness...
    I am unbound.... more »

  • Lust

    It is a craving
    An obssesssion
    Nothing can compare to the excitement
    The freedom upon action... more »