Rezeile Eigo Biography

Here I live,
To the world unknown
But thus far I know
I was born

Saturday, the 27th day of July,1991.
It was nearly noon but the rain was still pouring down in torrents and was rattling the roofs of the crowded houses on the crowded streets of Metro Manila like horses' hooves. Peering out the window, one can see nothing but a great cascade of water and the shadows - the busy people of the busy world of bussiness and nothingness - that lurk behind that foggy curtain.

And during that stormy day sixteen years ago, i was 1st introduced to the world. And I'm named REZEILE, rhymes with Gazelle.

And I've known very well that my heart is with books. I was months old when I 1st learned to speak and since then, books fascinated me. They were always been my trusted companions and friends.

Then we move here in General Santos City. I started school and found that writing is my line. A grade Three I've been doing narrative sketches (actually the first one is still alive) . And I'm reading still and I write and I read some more...

High school slowly widen and honed my Only skill (though there is but one solitary soul that loves and critics my works - Alice Claire D. Wong) . During 2nd our year, she was the great fellow who pushed me to finish a story, 'Ashen Rose'. Then I shifted from prose to poetry. I started scribbling some lines that eventually became stanzas and finally into a wholly acsesorised poem.

And I am reading still - Dickinson, Twain, Rowling and them very good writers.

And during my third year, the notebook(a gift for my birthday from Dante C. Fuentes Jr.) became my 'Journal Intime'(zhur-nal-anteem) which, after over a year, was packed and flowing with my poetry.

Today, I am a Senior at Alabel National Science High School. And Dante gave me another 'Journal Intime'. I am still reading more and writing more.

'Make a habit of Reading what is being Written today and what has been Written before.Writing is learned by imitation. If anyone asked me how I learned to write, I'd say I learned by Reading the men and women who were doing the kind of writing I wanted to do and trying to figure out how they did it. But cultivate the best Models.' WILLIAM ZINSSER, 'ON WRITTING WELL' (PAGE 36) .

Feb. o1,2oo8

welcome to another chapter of my life..

I've finally finished high school...
and i'm currently taking up BSAccountancy in Mindanao State University.