RWH RHEY W. HEDGES November 02,1932

I was born; I lived; I cried; I smiled; I wrote; I loved; I lost; I cried some more; I wrote some more; I invented electronic things; I loved again; I smiled again; I lost again; I cried some more; I invented more electronic things; I rememered my lost loves; I wrote; I cried again; I wrote some more... and, with a little luck, I will die very shortly (June,2008) !



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Rhey W. Hedges died at 6: 11 PM 18 July 2009. Those of us who knew him and loved him will forever miss him and his unique presence. He added so much to all our lives. That said, his written works are just part of what he has left us but please enjoy his works and take them with you forever, as those who loved him have. Thanks.......jd