• Broken Mirror

    “You're beautiful! ” they said.
    “Perfect in every way”
    “Your insecurities soon will shed”
    “as there's nothing wrong with what you weigh”... more »

  • He's Always There For Me

    There he sits, sparkling in the light
    He has such a glistening appeal
    When I'm alone with my thoughts at night,
    I can always reach for the sharpened steel... more »

  • My Murderer

    My enemies aren't quite what you'd presume,
    they're simple objects that bring a cloud of gloom.

    My mirror is my torment,... more »

  • The Secret Window

    Her soul manifests with a glassy sheen,
    though she tries to be veiled by a thin flesh screen.

    A lonely drop trickles down her cheek.... more »

  • The Wick's Burnt Down

    She shuts the door and hooks the chain,
    to ensure that no-one sees her pain.
    Once alone she lets it go
    only alone so no one knows.... more »