• Boredom

    Times so slow in this hourglass of infinate sand,
    If this is my life, It is depressingly bland.
    No fun, no games nor the sound of laughter
    From a smile, to a grin and a frown thereafter.... more »

  • Come To You

    I wish not upon a star, but wish upon the moon,
    That you shall appear to me, some time very soon!
    I desire your presence in my current life:
    for you to give me away from daughter to wife.... more »

  • Expressive Feelings

    I feel lonely, I feel sad,
    I feel helpless, I feel mad,
    I feel upset, I feel beat,
    I feel empty and incomplete.... more »

  • From Friendship Grew Love

    I saw a great friend in you,
    And appreciate all you do.
    As I looked deeper and we grew close,
    I noticed a great love arose.... more »

  • Happiness Of Heartbreak

    I ensconce alone in the dark,
    But the sunlights creeping in!
    I try to reject it!
    But I never win!... more »

  • How To Live

    My manual on how to live;
    Never fall in love,
    as your sure to get hurt.
    Don't listen to rumours,... more »

  • I Would If Only I Could

    If I could I would hold you forever,
    Only to release if the pain of the world goes.
    If I could I would entertain you day and night
    Even to simply count your growing fingers and toes.... more »

  • If You Were...

    If you were the ocean,
    I'd sail every inch of you
    Just to feel the wrath of your waves.... more »

  • Little Happiness

    Feeling so strong,
    Heartbeat so slow,
    Unsure of what i've done wrong
    unclear as to which way to go.... more »

  • Love And Loss

    You shout at him, you scream at him,
    You take your problems out on him,
    And yet you love him.
    You push him away refuse him attention... more »

  • My Heart Is Yours

    What is the probability that I would again breath
    if you should ever wrongfully decide to leave?
    There is no chance that without you, I would make it
    I give my heart to you, please don't break it!... more »

  • My Love

    Twas the 18th day of april,
    the 16th hour of mecredi,
    When my love reluctantly returned home
    'I love you' is what he said to me.... more »

  • Oh Lord

    Oh lord, I thought it not to be true,
    Why have you taken her to be with you?
    She's only young and not much help
    I told her I loved her as she left with a yelp.... more »

  • Open Your Doors For Me

    I'm at death's door, but theres no answer,
    I'm asking to leave this world a little faster.
    I knock harder, I knock louder; still no reply.
    Why's it disapproved for me to die?... more »

  • Passion

    He knows what I want and acts on that I pine
    He kisses tenderly: sending shivers down my spine.
    He studies my body with his hands bare
    I breathe deeply, becoming greedy for air.... more »

  • Questions

    How can I hear the silent?
    How can I calm the violent?
    How can I see the invisible?
    How can I think the unthinkable?... more »

  • Seasons

    If leaves could fall at any time,
    we'd know not what the purpose of autumn was.
    If snow did not fall from the winter skies;
    we wouldn't know when winter was upon us!... more »

  • The Devil's Black Book

    Touching the terrors of the night,
    Hidden away is the sunlight.
    The devils in hell, taking a look,
    Because the night is the devil's black book.... more »

  • The Way It Was

    Oh the way he held me;
    So safe, intimate and warm.
    The way he made me laugh;
    So often, so effortlessly.... more »

  • Through The Eyes Of The Predator

    I grin in pleasure as I watch instinctively
    From the unsuspecting shadows.
    As he smugly walks at a slow,
    Constant pace, not knowing what the... more »

  • What I Miss

    I think of you day and night
    when in the dark you are my light.
    I miss you almost as much as I love you.
    I wish you could see it from my point of view.... more »

  • What You Are

    Thou art so lonely, and yet so free,
    But despair not, for your with me.
    We will be together forevermore,
    To seal my eyes as tears pour.... more »

  • Wish You Were Here

    I call your name, theres no reply,
    I thought you loved me, but thats a lie!
    If it's true, why did you go?
    Was it me? I long to know!... more »

  • You Are...

    You are my tissue when I cry
    You are my wings to fly so high.
    You are my glue when I fall apart
    You are my plaster to heal my broken heart.... more »