• Alone

    Alone, i want to see you
    Alone, i want to feel you
    Alone, I want to hug you
    Alone, all i want is you!... more »

  • Dove

    What happened to you my love?
    It seems like your heart was broken by someone whom you loved
    I want you to feel at ease
    So please, let me heal the aching breeze... more »

  • Missing Piece

    Why is it every time that I'm alone
    Only visions of you that I see of?
    Every time that I do daydreams
    It's you that I'm always look for?... more »

  • Moments Of Insanity

    Is this what they call it?
    Love at first sight?
    I don't believe in such a thing coz it; s too shallow
    However., when is saw you... more »

  • My Plea

    When I look into his eyes
    I feel the presence of no goodbyes
    Together with his smile
    I feel the forever inside... more »

  • Reality

    Should I give up?
    In waiting?
    In dreaming?
    In hoping?... more »

  • See You Soon Clint

    Maybe you're happy now
    You've waited for her so long enough
    And now, here you go
    Taking another chance... more »

  • Since Then

    At first glance,
    Love at first sight
    Second glance,
    Confuse is starting inside... more »

  • Sweet Memory

    As the door swung open
    Your face was sweet lighten
    Those eyes that makes me soften
    Those stare that makes me loosen... more »

  • Untitled

    Libre lait..la ako paki!
    Wrong grammar? Balakayojan
    🤣🤣🤣... more »

  • Why

    My heart is full of hatred and I don't know why.
    Full off loneliness and I can't even identify if it is agony,
    Nor if it is empty.
    All I know is, it is full of hatred and I don't even know why.... more »