• A New World Awaits

    Come with me and let me show you a new creation.
    To hold you and feel the warmth of your skin against my breast as we move forever into our own time.
    Come with me and find the depths of the canyons.
    To taste the sweetness of your lips with all the passion of the earth would be more than anyone could hold.... more »

  • Afraid To Be Me

    Afraid to be me... more »

  • Be My Lover On The Side

    I want you to be my lover.
    Not my partner but my lover.
    That person I meet on the side.
    The one who is secret and no one else knows even when others are around.... more »

  • Be My Lover On The Side Revised

    I want you to be my lover.
    Not my partner but my lover.... more »

  • Carry A Cross?

    Would you be strong enough to take up a cross and carry it knowing that you were going to be hanged upon it?
    Could you stand to feel the roughness of the wood bearing down into your skin until surface is torn and the fluid of life weeps onto the ground?
    Could you climb up the hill of Calgary in the morning, chilled to the marrow?
    Would you able to follow him to the place where good and evil entwines?... more »

  • Decide For Me!

    God, please take these feelings away.
    I know that they have been there all my life.
    I have been able to close the door on them
    in the past.... more »

  • Do You Realize?

    You do not seem to know what you do to me.
    Do you understand just far over the edge you push me and then grab me back?
    Do you realize the senses that you fulfill with each movement and breath you take?
    Can you begin to know just how very sensual you really are?... more »

  • Do You Want?

    Do you want me?
    Do you want to kiss my yearning lips?
    Do you want to undress me ever so slowly or rip off my clothes?
    Do you want to feel my skin beneath your hand moving so slowly and gently?... more »

  • Don'T Go!

    Please don't leave and shut the door.
    The door that closes out the light and allow the darkness to enter in.
    It steals the warmth out of the room.
    Slowing crossing the floor engulfing and devouring everything in it's path.... more »

  • Don'T! !

    I chose to shut the door long ago.
    Do not open it.
    Do not pull in the rusted handle.
    Do not unlock the bolt.... more »

  • Escape

    A quiet place to escape from this loud and deafening world of madness.
    A quiet place to carry with me everywhere I go.
    A refuge of peace and stillness to get away and be silent.
    A place where happiness and love surround and engulfs me.... more »

  • Finally

    To be able to know that finally I have someone who will stand
    by my side and give as much as I would is the best feeling in the world.
    When I hold your hand I can feel the power of the universe in one place.
    When I feel your gentle sweet caresses I know whatever life brings I can withstand the gale.... more »

  • Fire's Delight

    The fire burns with the heat of a single warm coal.
    It lies against the others, but only gives the warmth that it can.
    Against the fire's glowing inferno burning brighter and brighter as the ashes are burnt off from the fuel of the heat.
    Transference of energy first cold then moving into heat the swell of the fury once more.... more »

  • Forbidden Love

    What is this beast that has entered into my mind.
    This growing scourge that haunts me like an animal at each waking moment of the day.
    Alas. Sleep has been no better form of escape.
    For then I am left to run freely without restraint.... more »

  • Friendship

    What is a friend?
    Is it another human being that would stand behind you no matter what?
    Would they be willing to walk into battle with you should to shoulder?
    Do they exist?... more »

  • Guardian Angels

    There is a light beyond the tunnel's end.
    I have shimmered in its brilliant beams.
    All around glowed in gold as careless joy swept into my soul.
    Met in time by another glowing figure.... more »

  • Here I Am Again!

    Here I am again!
    I just love being in my little room.
    (Wish I had a blanket.)
    I am safe here and no one can get to me.... more »

  • Hidden Wolves

    There are wolves everywhere in the civilized world.
    Hiding in the shadows, waiting for a victim to across their paths.
    Sheep blindly drawn into the liar, unaware of the sharp nasty yellow teeth waiting to capture and kill, stained by the blood of the trusting and innocent.
    They go to church, share your table, shop with you in the market.... more »

  • How Can You Judge?

    Here I stand with my hat in my hand looking like a proverbial fool again.
    Egg dripping from my face runs down on this jester's vest of shame.
    The hidden wound bleeds internally for I would never let you see the hurt.
    It would be to great a sacrifice for you to see the being inside.... more »

  • I Know You Are There

    I can't see you, but I know you are there.
    Silently standing and watching keeping harm away from me.
    Life must intercede, but guidance of a life span you freely offer.
    Patiently standing in the shadows waiting for a time to be needed.... more »

  • I Need To Disappear

    I wish that I could just simply disappear and go away.
    I want to run from here as fast and far away as I can.... more »

  • If You Met Me On The Street

    The spirit above has said: “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.
    What is so hard about this?
    I do not understand.
    You hatred of me confuses me for I have done nothing wrong.... more »

  • Little Baby Jane

    Baby Jane was found cold and dead in a dumpster.
    She touched the heart and shocked our souls.
    Leaving the conscience of a community to ponder and question why.
    Little baby girl cast to the side; did your mother practice genocide?... more »

  • Matthew's Song

    Sleep my little one.
    Close your eyes.... more »

  • Memories Of A Loved One

    It's been years the memory is still clear.
    Impressions of a face remain.
    Freshness of youth intact, unspoiled.
    Perfume of roses and wild flowers newly cut still briefly lingers in the air.... more »