• A Childs Pain Gone

    An angel came down from above
    filled with kindness and love
    Sent to protect, to guide, to surround
    this child from pains of lifes tide... more »

  • I Am A Dreamer!

    I dream of life
    each and every day how it could be better
    If things were this or that way... more »

  • In My Heart

    In my heart I feel the need
    to be with you to make my
    life complete
    In my heart is this strong love... more »

  • Please Come Back And Stay

    I miss you since you've been gone,
    She left and went away to gods home
    and although you're here you're gone
    because she took you too... more »

  • Why Don'T They Listen

    Why don't they listen when you say
    No I can't not this day?

    Why don't they listen when you say... more »