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" for his slave Allah is deep stream of joy
For Allah the slaves are also matter of deep feeling"

So a crazy bard sings to fashion his separation:
" I didn't know what love is
Its Master you who taught me LOVE
Why do you leave my LOVE"

you don't know your lawyer
then why loiter at the court
and he is a super soul
but having body like you
you have eyes ears nose mouth and knowledge
but you don't know him
and you have prestigious scholarships
this scholarly knowledge has made you proud
a proud can never ever see the TRUTH
you have memorized lines after lines of references
what a pride it is
but the inner eye is shut and blind

of my ummat the alims/scholars will be the first group for hell
and those who are only proud of their ilm/knowledge
they are bearer of only ilm i jahir
that's why my Lawyer learn the worldly knowledge
and learnt and taught the knowledge of heart
the knowledge of heart is the knowledge of seeing the TRUTH
and this knowledge is not in black and white

writing fire on the paper doesn't burn the fire
the truth is in-front of you
and inside of you too
as you are blind
how you can see
turn on the lamp of mind
open the eye of mind
everyone sees allah as per his status
and he whose window of the mind is shut
he is blind
And one who thinks of me like
i am alike his thought
the condition is jikir/remembrance and meditation
ask forgiveness to him and rush to him throwing away all
remembrance is like the sign of GREAT LIFE
And Allah is deep stream of JOY for his slave! ! ??????? ???? ?????? ??? ????? ????...?