• "Wilil Amor" The Religious Leader! !

    Wilil Amor (leader/khalifa)
    They were wilil amors who ruled the Islamic state;
    They were wilil amor minkum Thren(present) !
    To follow them is khulafa I rashidun mahdiyun I sunnah(compelled to follow as sunnah)) !... more »

  • *lailatul Barah Mubarak To You All*

    Happy Lailatul barah to All
    *Shab-e-Baraat - The Night of Salvation*
    The 15th night of Shabaan is a very blessed night
    According to the Ahadees Mubaraka, the name of this Mubarak night is... more »

  • A Clothed Dear Kept In The Chest

    science has come from religion
    religion is not from science
    ADAM first then MUM then rules then tools... more »

  • A Deep Stream Of Joy

    "for his slave Allah is deep stream of joy
    For Allah the slaves are also matter of deep feeling"

    So a crazy bard sings to fashion his separation:... more »

  • A Drop Of Rain

    can i value a drop of rain
    can i chain a drop of rain
    can i make water
    can i make anything like me... more »

  • A Great Teaching By The Great Prophet

    The holy Prophet was orphan
    The holy Prophet lost his mother at 6
    The holy prophet lost last shelter Grandfather at 8
    The holy prophet lost all male children at young age... more »

  • A Jokingly Big Poke For The Folk....

    A small girl sat at dinner with her dad
    Cellphone rang
    The dad said excuse and went outside
    Talked for a few minutes... more »

  • A Kiss Not For You Rain

    hip hip hurrah
    rain drops
    children are joyous
    outer air moist... more »

  • A Moment When I Remember The Shaykh

    the pure soul
    attracts the other
    as magnet draws the particles
    as the fries circle the big fish in swarm... more »

  • A Rose Of Pearled Petals!

    Two drops of tears
    Was seen dropping on her cheeks
    It has touched the Creator!
    What else she needs!... more »

  • A Toy Of Time Place And Action

    i want be lost in stars
    but they are far away
    i want to be lost in the flowers
    but they are on the branch... more »

  • A Traveler Of Love Path

    love traveler loves
    loves cups cups

    wherever he goes... more »

  • Acquiring Knowledge Is Also Ibadat

    Is acquiring knowledge a prayer
    yes and one can learn Allah's Law
    Haram(forbidden) , halal, farj, wajib, sunnat, nofl, maqruh, mustahab for the better prayer
    And when you prayer is in the knowing and understanding... more »

  • Ah A Day Is Passin....

    ah a day is passin
    ah a portion of life is passin
    ah childhood, boyhood, adulthood are passin
    ah the day is bright... more »

  • Ah Suffering Of Mind....

    suffering of mind
    whose mind,
    my mind.
    how, coz i have no peace and always feel restlessness... more »

  • Ai Sing The Song Of Fallen Feather

    Yes I am fond of JIBONANONDO
    Yes I sing the song of fallen Feather
    who to HEAR
    who to count... more »

  • All You Busy Take It Easy

    a University student
    the Hall Life has taught me
    how to love each other with sympathy as Room Mate
    how to live frugally... more »

  • Always Wear A Smile

    Always be happy!
    Always wear a smile!
    Life is not full of smile!
    But your smile:... more »

  • Am Not A Poet But Others Are

    noble thoughts
    come from noble hearts
    for the salvation of all souls... more »

  • And I Will Supplicate To God Too

    Oh you supplicate to me
    I will grant it
    Certainly there are some people who don't supplicate to show their ego
    They will enter the hell fire in scolding... more »

  • And Who Knows Him Can Catch Him Too

    knowing self is knowing god
    this knowledge leads you to god
    then why cant reach to him
    a great obstacle against it... more »

  • Anger And Greed How We Need

    anger and greed
    both we need
    but keeping limit.... more »

  • Answer Of My Dear Friend

    Hi dear,
    Condolences to your losing, both beloved parents
    Make a dua for them after solah may them placed in blessing place and time with it
    About death, everyone has to face it dear, just try to get ready and enrich your life... more »

  • Ask Forgiveness For Sine De..

    process of birth is unholy
    but the creation is holy
    then you need to take bath
    without bath you remain unholy... more »

  • Asking Metaphysical Help To The Prophets Is Not Making Comparison With Almighty God

    Asking material help from others is permissible but presuming that prophets/pious posses supernatural/mystical powers and can provide metaphysical help(Ghaibi madad) is "shirk / comparison".

    Some people see no problem in asking a doctor for help but say asking saint for help is "shirk". The reason they say is doctor offers 'Physical Help' and asking a saint to grant health is asking ‘Metaphysical Help'(Ghaibi madad)and asking metaphysical help is shirk. This type of classification can nowhere be found in Quran and Hadith.People claiming to follow just Quran and Hadith should not distinguish between the two and even asking a doctor for help should be shirk. Various verses of Quran and Ahadith prove that pious people offered metaphysical help. (See Section 4 for Ahadith Hazrath Ali (RA) getting his eyes cured just with the touch of a hand and Hazrath Abu Huraira(RA) getting good memory are all examples of‘Metaphysical help')... more »