Ribash Dotel Poems

Fate Race

Hello there!
I may not be the best but darling I'm trying so tough to be good enough for you,
I'm praying for my fate and my fate is preying on me, there's hole in my life that i cant sew.... more »

Under The Same Tree

I still contemplate of stealing you from the crowd so that I can place you closer,
Sat under the same tree, dreaming of you with the mood so-called sober.

The tree looks so splendid with flowers and leaf in it,... more »

Not For You

Brunt memories I keep alive within me.Somehow I couldn't eliminate any of those bitch called memory. Every of your steps is alive and however safe here. I wonder why should I have to lose you, later on I realized 'Sometimes letting go everything makes a great honor in someones life. I have a great optimism. I don't adore your beautiful merry face and cruel soul anymore. The word 'LOVE' is not for you. The word is not for you.

Outrageous fortune made us apart from touching the sky high,
Half a way she had a great thought of banging me and burying deep beneath the line.... more »

Ribash Dotel Quotes

It's true, beautiful things don't ask for attention.I saw her from the side of the corridor. I struggled to step ahead, however I couldn't manipulate my foot and I was more like a statue for a while! For now, aye, I'm sure I'm lunatic for that beautiful smile. For she, whom I love and adore deeply.
School love.Corridor glance for healing the pain.

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