I love history and find much of my material in its tales, or from walking about cemeteries, searching out the final resting places of famous or unique individuals. I also look askance at life with sort of an ironic detachment, and this perspective is evident in my poetry. If you read any poems of mine, my favorites are 'St Francesca Of Assisi, ' 'At the Gravesite of Theodore Gericault', ' 'Bounarotti and the Bureaucrats, ' 'Remember Me Then, ' 'At the Gravesite of Richard Mentor Johnson, ' 'For Love of Aphrodite, ' 'Two Poems on Performing Poetry, ' and 'Whatever Happened to Clyde Clifford', and 'What if Wile E Coyote had Caught the Rooad Runner, ' which was published in the North Amerrican Review and was a finalist for the James Hearst Poetry Award. All I believe speak in a voice that is uniquely my own. I consider myself a better short story writer than a poet. If my work piques your interest enough to check them out, I have a few of them archived on 'abctales.com' under 'richhanson'. Two of my stories have won 'Story of the Week' honors on the site and 4 more have been 'cherry-picked' by their editors as recommended reading.
rather boring. I work in a slaughter plant in Monmouth, Illinois as a USDA meat inspector. I have taught English, and worked as a meat-cutter/assistant manager in a grocery store. I'm married and we have one son. My wife Nancy and I enjoy reading, audiobooks, baseball (season ticket holders with the Burlington Bees) Scrabble and our cats.
I'm an autograph collector as well, with baseball being my favorite sport, and I also collect biographies and memoirs of Generals of the American Civil War.
Influences: My favorite poets are D H Lawrence, Edgar Lee Masters and Lord Byron, whose Don Juan and Vision of Judgement I would highly recommend. Music would range from Joni Mitchell (my favorite) and Bob Dylan, Gordon Lightfoot and Harry Chapin through The Doors, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Prince and Nirvana. The Romantic in me still listens to Jimmy Webb songs(yes, I even have the two Richard Harris albums which I LIKE) , early Elton John when Bernie Taupin was his songwriter, and of course The Boss.
Hopes this helps flesh me out a bit.


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Sean Peterson 02 Mar 2005 06:49
i was trying to figure out what the theme of your poem 'A Slightly Cynical Rondo' was.Can u tell me what the theme your trying to get across is
Pradeep Dhavakumar 01 Feb 2005 09:27
You are a serious poet. Your poems are beautiful and powerful.
Michael Shepherd 01 Feb 2005 07:54
Rich, I stopped commenting on your poems around 45ish because I was embarrassed at the 'embarras de rich-esse' of my praise... may I repeat, migh you fling modesty aside and persuade some publisher to give your work permanence? I know I'm supported heartily by many readers here.