• A Second Chance...

    Why his absence made me pale and mute?
    Why his presence was so exclusive?
    Why I m so dull and wan now?
    Why still I wait for his Knock?... more »

  • Are ' Love Relationships ' Today, Nothing But A Formality?

    What about the true love
    That existed long back
    I m still young and of this generation
    But I feel later year guys were of major interest.... more »

  • Cordial Shelter...

    I walked on this road
    Without a worrying end
    Three years long phase
    I sensed a cordial shelter... more »

  • Deceiving Act

    I ponder
    On this day
    What life has brought
    To me... more »

  • Destiny

    Destiny is destined,
    What is decided by him is fated,
    And we sometime stop our selves thinking we can’t do this,
    But honest application and focused actions can lead to tangible achievements,... more »

  • Different He Is..

    Someone so different
    So different to me
    Don’t know
    Why he behaves... more »

  • Discover ‘silence ‘

    I discovered a stunning stillness,
    ‘SILENCE’ a musical wave,
    My thoughts dint appear beautiful than this time,
    I felt, I regained my inner dead Emotions,... more »

  • End To Endless...

    I m tired with the endless torments,
    When will the time come, she will not heave me to disdain,
    I gave her time to identify with my actions,
    But time went by and nothing resulted.... more »

  • Fast Learner

    I thought I was a fast learner
    And life's lesson I had learned
    But now these scattered ways
    Show me my distorted state... more »

  • 'Forget All'...

    I felt, pain after hearing his thought,

    He says, I torture him,... more »

  • Fulfilling

    I always wanted
    I wanted this dream
    I m on the verge to start
    Figuring to make it a smooth start... more »

  • He Comes Home...

    Three years long span
    Wait… ushered
    By my side
    …... more »

  • He Will See Me No More

    He will see me no more,
    I ponder to revoke ‘thoughts,
    Put crush to this insipid love,
    Future vision ‘thoughts soothe me with ease,... more »

  • His Life: He Wants Back..

    He is abashed with his appearance,
    Bearing flank disarray,
    He enfolds himself odd one to adjust,
    With all scenes vary,... more »

  • I Hold A Second Life

    I hold a second life,
    As I m saved from an imperil cost,
    And just hit by minor injuries on face.... more »

  • I Met No One Like You...

    I met no one, so perfect like you,
    I met no one, whose heart is guiltless like you,
    And hold no thought of vanity,
    And given hopes don’t delude.... more »

  • Life's Beam.

    Evening beauty holds its own charm,
    Each time, I see sunset slope with endearing dim,
    I want to rush and feel that vanishing beam,
    As if, to hold, the finger of the ‘Life’s Beam ‘...... more »

  • Linger For The Last Call......

    I leave to you, to decide,
    To scorch the fire of love,
    Beam ways with a new definition,
    And Passionate speech to hold tight..... more »

  • Love- Stages Effort

    Love is a blend of headstrong desire
    And it melts one to possess the admire
    Life phase lifts a new face
    And things mold new pix to shoot... more »

  • Love U All

    “A sense of relief …
    Building courage to improve”….

    This phrase stimulates me….... more »

  • My Closest Friend

    I don’t call myself a lonely person,
    Even if, I sit alone and dream,
    I m always accompanied by dear friend,
    Who instruct… How to execute…... more »

  • My Friend's Story - Suggestion Needed

    Daily I meet challenges
    Challenges to stand high
    I never deny for hard work
    But together it leads me to pain... more »

  • My Mother: A Strong Bond..

    Life show me wonder of hues,
    As it acquaintance with different conduct,
    There is a mixture of fun and sorrow which hang around,
    And all side I move but I don’t find a true bond.... more »

  • Now...


    Ways now…
    Days now…... more »

  • Off Beam Life..

    His, Off Beam Life.
    Hurt me… On every count,
    He is always quite on misery shout.
    Though he says, ” I m always happy”.... more »