• After The Battle

    WE crown’d the hard-won heights at length,
    Baptiz’d in flame and fire;
    We saw the foeman’s sullen strength,
    That grimly made retire—... more »

  • Christ's Restraint

    He might have reared a palace at a word,
    Who sometimes had not where to lay his head:
    Time was, and He who nourished crowds with bread
    Would not one meal unto Himself afford:... more »

  • England

    Peace, Freedom, Happiness, have loved to wait
    On the fair islands, fenced by circling seas;
    And ever of such favoured spots as these... more »

  • Harmosan

    Now the third and fatal conflict for the Persian throne was done,
    And the Moslem's fiery valor had the crowning victory won.

    Harmosan, the last and boldest the invader to defy,... more »

  • In A Pass Of Bavaria

    A sound of many waters!--now I know
    To what was likened the large utterance sent
    By Him who mid the golden lampads went:
    Innumerable streams, above, below,... more »

  • New Year's Eve

    The strong in spiritual action need not look
    Upon the new-found year as on a scroll,
    The which their hands lack cunning to unroll,
    But in it read, as in an open book,... more »

  • On Leaving Rome

    O lately written in the roll of friends,
    O written late, not last, three happy months
    Under the shadow of the Capitol,... more »

  • On Perseus and Medusa

    In what fierce spasms upgathered, on the plain
    Medusa's headless corpse has quivering sunk,
    While all the limbs of that undying trunk... more »

  • Sonnet 01

    ALL beautiful things bring sadness, nor alone
    Music, whereof that wisest poet spake;
    Because in us keen longings they awake
    After the good for which we pine and groan,... more »

  • Sonnet 02

    I stood beside a pool, from whence ascended,
    Mounting the cloudy platforms of the wind,
    A stately heron; its soaring I attended,
    Till it grew dim, and I with watching blind--... more »

  • Sonnet 03

    Lord, what a change within us one short hour
    Spent in Thy presence will prevail to make --
    What heavy burdens from our bosoms take,
    What parchèd grounds refresh, as with a shower!... more »

  • Sonnet 04

    A garden so well watered before morn
    Is hotly up, that not the swart sun's blaze
    Down beating with unmitigated rays,
    Nor arid winds from scorching places borne,... more »

  • Sonnet 05

    When hearts are full of yearning tenderness,
    For the loved absent, whom we can not reach --
    By deed or token, gesture or kind speech,
    The spirit's true affection to express;... more »

  • The Onward Course

    Our course is onward, onward into light:
    What though the darkness gathereth amain,
    Yet to return or tarry both are vain.
    How tarry, when around us is thick night?... more »

  • To a Robin Redbreast

    Oh light of heart and wing,
    Light-hearted and light-wingëd, that dost cheer
    With song of sprightliest note the waning year,
    Thou canst so blithely sing,... more »

  • To Poetry

    In my life's youth, while yet the deeper needs
    Of the inmost spirit unawakened were,
    Thou couldst recount of high heroic deeds,... more »