• 1982

    My lowest ebb, that winter:
    Breathing, tasting minus centigrade
    I studied the sky's silent score.
    I scoured the barren quarter... more »

  • 366 Days Later

    Piggy-wig? Peccary,
    if you don't mind.
    This is the New World. British Bongduras.
    I've got things to do -... more »

  • 7/7: Before And After

    The dark young man
    with the curls of the Maghreb
    is in an altercation
    with the ghost... more »

  • A Country Of The Mind

    In late October,
    after the sun has gone down,
    a range of blue-grey
    cloud has been seen in the west:... more »

  • A Discord Of Yellow

    October sun on honey-coloured stone.
    Shocked, a blonde fresher
    leans over a gargoyle
    with milk, and a cheese sandwich.... more »

  • A Lustrum At Druslyn Road

    I woke into memory
    a little old man,
    not a child in that incline... more »

  • A Neophyte To Lilith

    At copperplate madrasa
    I mastered the scalpel
    Shipman dipped in vermillion
    and suave... more »

  • A Pair Of Goldcrests

    When you are this tiny, death
    is a nudge; he, she
    in the blink of an iris,
    violet to red petals of rain,... more »

  • A Private View

    From underneath I glimpsed her waiting heels
    (Third floor at five o'clock) . For seconds flat
    I was the ground where ants beheld a queen.... more »

  • A Squirrel Sextet

    1 Opportunists

    What we throw away
    is their feast: a slice of bread,... more »

  • A Walking Sadness

    The Euston Road. April. Night.
    Of all these London numberless
    I love one:
    my old shoes pound her name,... more »

  • Aardvarks On The Moon

    As starving sacked their underground
    cathedrals, they were salvaged
    by a zoo Soyuz.... more »

  • Abergavenny To Blaenavon

    The Coal Board has designs to sell
    This mutilated moonscape
    Where the great plateau of industry
    Crashes into Monmouthshire.... more »

  • After An Exam

    Finished! So has she,
    With ages left to go:
    We sweep our desks, and chase each other... more »

  • After The Fall

    I was a cherry tree once:
    The flowers grow around me now,
    Loosestrife and celandine.... more »

  • Aging Together

    Worn gold, fear not fresh plastic.
    Each furrow reflects
    a superhighway of desire blazed
    into my landscape of neurons.... more »

  • Alcohol Anonymous

    I am a clever enemy.
    I am always one step up on you:
    when you say two, I am three, and four.
    I always have the right excuse,... more »

  • Alison

    Four young men in summer term,
    we measured days by alcoholic tides
    and long liquid evenings
    deepening to night.... more »

  • An Old English Master

    Tenniel could have etched
    him into my mind: claw nose, half-
    crown spectacles and thin lips' dab
    turning the page. I hear the chock... more »

  • An Old Welsh Hill Farmer

    Most days he sees nobody.
    Then you glint in his radar.
    In a flash his eye peregrine-stoops
    to the billionth billionth pixel.... more »

  • Ashen Evening

    Grey. I need hot vervain
    for this ague of Englishness;
    gasoline nectar
    in an amber womb I lift... more »

  • Astronomy In Autumn

    ... more »

  • At The Hayward Gallery

    Gaudy abstracts do nothing for me.
    It's that backpack girl, head
    between her knees. She must be trying to duck
    a seizure, stem an earthquake... more »

  • Augury

    Gulls, I thought first; but they don't
    skein like the grey-shirt bully-boys,
    and these wings, ragged-edged
    as sails the morning after Trafalgar... more »

  • Avatar

    She was dark, gamine, professional.
    First time we argued.
    The second she apologised
    'Was I awful? '... more »