• A A

    ... more »

  • A Chicken's Lot

    Hens pattern the chicken coop,
    splotches of chestnut and white,
    depositing eggs
    like Fabergé favors,... more »

  • A World That Was

    As I turn on the radio
    this Saturday afternoon
    opera swells out
    from where I left the dial... more »

  • Birds In Black

    Stepping outside I find
    mere feet from my door
    two large crows
    in a leafless tree.... more »

  • Driving To The Sun

    From Paris
    to the Costa del Sol
    we drove
    in my dilapidated convertible... more »

  • First Notes

    Though winter is with us still
    the birds have begun to sing,
    to the cues of spring,
    first a cardinal, then a wren... more »

  • I Feel Your Heartbeat

    I feel your heartbeat
    even though we’re not touching
    when we see each other and smile
    after I’ve been away.... more »

  • I See Myself Becoming Old

    I see myself becoming old.
    My closet is full of suits I don’t wear anymore.
    Nothing I need to wear them for.
    There are days when I stay in my pajamas till noon.... more »

  • In Memory Of

    Another World War II pilot gone.
    Obit on a back page of the Times
    “Pilot who downed Yamamoto dies at 84.”
    A photo of three lean young men in khakis... more »

  • In The Beginning

    I was there
    when you were squeezed
    from your mother’s womb,
    coming into the world... more »

  • It Was One Of Those Fine October Days

    It was one of those fine October days
    free from summer’s heat and haze
    but not yet gripped by autumn chill.... more »

  • Memorial Day

    It was enough to make us weep,
    half a dozen veterans of the last great war... more »

  • Moon Madness

    Stepping out our front door
    I’m suddenly awash
    in the cries of geese
    filling every corner... more »

  • North Wind

    Yesterday north wind came
    scrubbing the air blue
    sending clouds scudding
    across clean fields of sky... more »

  • October Morning

    The hazy morning air
    though honey gold
    supports no bees
    only dry leaves... more »

  • Ode To An Island

    My sister lives on a Caribbean isle,
    little more than a dust mote on a map,
    no realm of magic,
    nor Ariel, nor Caliban... more »

  • On The Downhill Side

    April’s over
    having, it seems, only just begun.
    Once past the apex
    we speed ever faster.... more »

  • Play Jolly Music At My Funeral

    I’ve taken in recent years to thinking about my funeral
    and have decided to make one paramount request:
    play jolly music at that ritual.
    What good does it do to heap on dirges... more »

  • Silly Man

    I was a serious boy
    and most of my life
    rarely indulged in silliness.
    Oh, I was prone to the inadvertent kind,... more »

  • Spring Snow

    Wet snow coats
    twig, branch and bud.
    Against the still black street
    the waning season... more »

  • Summer Morning

    Night having gathered the haze
    woven by the heat of day
    come dawn
    has laid it to ground... more »

  • The Crew

    A crew is out for early practice
    caressing the morning air
    with rapt strokes
    cleaving the smooth water... more »

  • The Kite

    The kite
    dances on air
    still joined to our hand
    capering to our command... more »

  • Under The Volcano

    Just below a great snowy cone in the Andes
    on a broad flat shelf of mountain
    wild horses race
    keeping pace... more »

  • What The March Wind Saw

    blossoms and clouds blowing white
    against a blue-washed sky

    aureoles of daffodils... more »