• Synde

    As I Watch Her, I am Amazed Of The Love I feel Inside,
    My Breath Is Almost taken Away Every time I Witness Her Raw Beauty, A Quick Glance,
    A Funny Smile, As I Try To Put My Feelings For Her in Words, I Stumble For A Phrase
    Which Will Say It All. I Believe No Words Exist to Describe My Feeling For Her, I Only... more »

  • The Only True King

    From the first day my eyes saw him I knew my life was complete, the pride within
    Me begged to shut out, announcing to the world the joyous love I felt inside,
    Tears rolled down my face uncontrollable from the happiness I felt inside. NIne long
    months came and went, eagerly I awaited to see my son, "My Son" these words hold... more »