• 1861

    On Good Friday,1861,
    Fort Sumter was the first decision done,
    Soon disintegration of father, brother and son,
    Lincoln made his choice and then,... more »

  • 2020 Vision

    Fury 'bout the election,
    Fury 'bout the fraud,
    Fury 'bout dictators,
    And who's got the better God.... more »

  • 6% Of The Universe Using 2% Of Our Brain

    We know 6% of the universe
    Using 2% of our brain,
    So don't get too cocky,
    Forget your pride,... more »

  • 90 Days Revisited

    I see by your style you're versatile,
    I see by your smile you're going to stick around a while,
    And when we grow old, this moment will turn to gold,
    And I'll see you next to me loving childishly like the wind... more »

  • A Gangster's Lament- Do Whack A Do

    Before I turn out the light,
    Before the next nightmare begins,
    I think of bones
    The condition of my sins.... more »

  • A Riot Consists Of Non-Riot Elements

    ... more »

  • A Windbag's Warning

    Don't get me started
    I'll talk landscape all night long;
    At that point I could branch out all day long.
    I'm a windbag.... more »

  • Almost Done

    Almost Done
    Not there yet
    A sub sum
    A sub set.... more »

  • Amateurs

    In this new age of amateurs,
    Dropping the ball endlessly,
    There's a few commissioners,
    Who can't seem to find me.... more »

  • Ann Frank's Diary

    Think of all the beauty,
    Still left around you,
    There's still room for happiness,
    Though Nazis surround you.... more »

  • April

    Back then, it was the steam locomotive chuggin' down the track,
    Now, it's the Bullet Train.
    Back then, it was ALL organic,
    Now, it's the computer brain.... more »

  • Are You Safer Today?

    Let me ask you, are you safer today?
    There's no money in peace, no profit in unity,
    Count all the money we spend on defense,
    Let me ask you, does it make any sense?... more »

  • Areas Of Ungoverned Space

    At no time was permission given
    To free the captives from jail,
    At no time was there priority
    For the innocent to prevail.... more »

  • Atlantic City

    It's got casinos,
    And a boardwalk on the beach,
    It's got jackpots,
    Many way out of reach,... more »

  • Attractive

    Lips, red or pink,
    Teeth, straight and white,
    Pupils dilated,
    Not because of the light.... more »

  • Authorities Telling Authorities

    If you're not on the list
    Your words will be missed.
    Experts only listen to experts.
    No amateur excerpts.... more »

  • Baby Bird

    I helped a baby bird live,
    I found him on the ground,
    Almost dead,
    Most profound.... more »

  • Be Kind

    Be kind and do the best you can,
    So kind with a heart that's open,
    Be and do the best you can.... more »

  • Beat Museum

    I just went to the Beat Museum
    These poets are obviously dead,
    These were sardonic, original men,
    Not fit for anything else, than what they did.... more »

  • Beautiful Spirit

    Thick phantoms of wonder,
    All mysteries rip,
    Return with composure,
    From their seasonal trip.... more »

  • Better Genetic Mutation

    You know what we need to straighten out this nation,
    We need a better genetic mutation,
    Maybe we'll get lucky with a gift from within,
    An opportunity to go beyond sin.... more »

  • Big City Bop

    Welcome to New York City
    The city that never sleeps,
    Bean counters everywhere,
    Everybody playin' for keeps,... more »

  • Biggest Bigamist

    To dream the impossible dream,
    Keep your distance, if you know what I mean,
    To have multiple Queens wearing multiple crowns,
    Your multiple wives in multiple towns.... more »

  • Blue Collar Worker

    Love sold can be so alone,
    Love gone.
    It's a buyer's world, buyer's world,
    And if you want me to go,... more »

  • Blue Shale

    ... more »