I have worked for the past 30 years as an orthopaedic cancer surgeon and find that reading and writing poety in a good release and a good way to relax. I most enjoy poems with set rhythm and rhyme although I like a lot of free verse as well.


Richard Lackman Poems

A Poet's Shame

I set out to write this poem and I had a simple plan.
I'd avoid all things prosaic and I'd do the best I can
To optimize the content and the grammar and the rhyme
And of course I'd tell a story that would echo for all time... more »

Children Walking In The Rain

When I scurry about on a rainy day
Acting annoyed at the rain
I sometimes remember a time far away
When I viewed raindrops with no disdain... more »

My First Kiss

I still remember my first kiss though fourty years have passed
The beauty of the moment and the thrill will ever last
Etched into my memory as words into a stone
Clearer than the clearest night that I have ever known... more »

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Comments about Richard Lackman

Ozark Mountain Homegrown 13 Mar 2016 01:04
I enjoy your poetry...straight forward and simple...I must confess, that is my favorite kind of poetry...not too complicated, or hard to understand....
Adouda Adjiri 06 May 2014 04:37
I really love your poems; simple yet deep and all beautiful. Adouda (Author of Colours of Love)
Anne Havell 06 May 2014 02:15
What a beautifully written poem. Well structured with meaningful content. Guess this poet will be well read.