• A Doctor's Dilemma

    ... more »

  • A Fearful Patient

    I saw that she was crying as I entered through the door
    Alone, afraid and worried about what she might endure
    Her pain had come on slowly until recently but then
    Had suddenly increased until she thought it was a 10... more »

  • A Friend Named Mike

    I thought again today about a friend from long ago
    He was a lovely person and at times I miss him so
    Mike Fallon was his name and him I never will forget
    His young life ended suddenly, for me with much regret... more »

  • A Life I Could Not Save

    She did not feel her age though she was old
    But still looked young as she was often told
    And so she was a vibrant 95
    Happy to be healthy and alive... more »

  • A Poet's Shame

    I set out to write this poem and I had a simple plan.
    I'd avoid all things prosaic and I'd do the best I can
    To optimize the content and the grammar and the rhyme
    And of course I'd tell a story that would echo for all time... more »

  • A Soliloquy To Modern Poetry

    I write this, a soliloquy
    Regarding modern poetry
    I don't appreciate the terse
    Disheveled nature of free verse... more »

  • A Solitary Life

    How is it at the age of sixty I am still alone
    Each day walking, eating, sleeping always on my own
    How did I miss the partnership that most of us attain
    My only walking partner seems to be my walking cane... more »

  • Almost Cancer

    Today I met a man who thought that he was truly dying
    This brush with his mortality had left him lost and crying
    He never really understood how fragile life can be
    And now his hopes and desperation focused square on me... more »

  • An Elderly Patient

    She hardly thought the visit was worthwhile
    And just as I was opening her file
    She said that she was too old to be treated
    A statement that she several times repeated... more »

  • April

    Walking by a meadow I see April in full bloom
    Each blade of grass come back again from winter's frosty tomb
    Each tree and shrub and hedge are wearing green to mark the time
    Each vine is ready to repeat its daring upward climb... more »

  • At Last I Am Finally Dying

    At last I am finally dying as so clearly I was told
    While in my bed I'm lying keeping shelter from the cold
    I knew that it was coming and so really no surprise
    As my senses all are numbing looking out through withered eyes... more »

  • Beauty

    Beauty as a pure ideal is too often obscured
    By prices paid for objects that are then in closets stored
    Works of art beyond our reach within dim hallways hung
    Like church bells bricked within a building never to be rung.... more »

  • Because I Could Not Ever Bear To Say Goodbye To You

    Because I could not ever bear to say goodbye to you
    I’ve had to write it in a poem as some poets do
    Hoping that my rhyme and verses help you understand
    How sad I am to see my death now take me by the hand... more »

  • Building For Eternity

    He looked all around him and saw monuments so vast
    Built with good intentions to endure and hold steadfast
    Awesome structures pointing up to heaven as to say
    Here is my creation and forever it will stay... more »

  • Cancer Sucks

    Each day is a blessing but with cancer not so much
    It detracts from everything I see and do and touch
    I may still have my life for now but understand that pain
    And fear, fatigue and loneliness forever will remain.... more »

  • Everlasting Love

    I wonder if I'll ever find an everlasting love
    Or continue as I have just drifting at the mercy of
    An aimless current of emotions in a sea of doubt
    Drowning in uncertainty as love I go without... more »

  • Falun Gong

    China as a country dates to ancient history
    Beginning with the Stone Age culture 3000 BC
    Inhabited by Yang Shao people in crude settlements
    But able to farm and create essential implements... more »

  • From Here To There

    I left my home one morning to go from here to there
    The route seemed fairly simple so I left without a care
    Then on the way it seemed less clear as roads were long and winding
    And halfway there I knew that I knew not what I was finding... more »

  • Goodbye My Love - A Smoker's Lament

    I learned today that I am almost dead
    Although I've felt but just a little pain
    The cancer in my lung went to my head
    And life for me will never be the same... more »

  • Cancer Survivor

    Having worked for 35 years as an orthopedic cancer surgeon, I have certainly experienced life in an unusual way.This has been a wonderful experience for me, though trying at times. Yet these experiences have provided me with insight that I would not otherwise have attained.I was asked to write a short discourse on what it means to be a cancer survivor and I have attempted to relate my viewpoint in the following paragraphs.
    What does it mean to be a cancer survivor? Truth be told, every day each one of us is a life survivor.I have not yet figured out why it is that our creator took so much effort to put us here and yet made it temporary.I suspect however, that the answer to this question may exist in the larger view of the universe around us.Not only are our lives temporary but so is our planet, our solar system, our galaxy and indeed; the entire universe as we know it.
    As scientists now look far out into the stars, it is apparent that our small blue planet and the life it supports is indeed a rare if not singular situation.How fortunate then are we to occupy even this tiny bit of space during this tiny bit of time that we are here.In my own mind, this helps me to understand how precious every day is for each of us.However, whether by destiny or circumstance, we each lead our individual lives and experience this life for varying amounts of time.
    I truly believe that the dignity and inherent value of our lives is determined not by our quantity of time but rather our quality of thought and action.As such, what better legacy could each of us have than to leave the earth a better placed than we found it.Few will ever win a Nobel Prize and yet true nobility remains within the reach of each of us.All it takes to ensure this nobility is kindness, patience and optimism.... more »

  • Childhood Cancer Survivor

    I saw her back, now 28 and mother of 2 boys
    And yet at our first visit her mom brought along her toys
    What miracle had happened that enabled her to live
    And now allowed her to go forth with all she has to give... more »

  • Children Walking In The Rain

    When I scurry about on a rainy day
    Acting annoyed at the rain
    I sometimes remember a time far away
    When I viewed raindrops with no disdain... more »

  • Destiny

    The lives we lead, lead us with certainty
    Toward an end that some call destiny
    But are we really destined? Is it fate?
    Or is it a decision we cognate?... more »

  • Dreams

    Each night I take a journey on my bed
    To places that are not what they might seem
    I conjure up these countries in my head
    As I lay down to sleep and start to dream... more »

  • Evan

    When I lost my son to a tragedy I thought that love would end
    But I never guessed how it could be that my love for him would bend
    And sway like a tree in a summer storm and quiver but never break
    While the memory of a love well worn would lessen my heartache... more »