• 1987

    Wolves will come to devour you
    Wearing the clothing of sheep;
    They will teach doctrines of demons
    I tell you, be not asleep.... more »

  • A Bigot

    I know I am a bigot
    That's what I want to be
    And I will be a bigot
    Throughout eternity.... more »

  • A Child's Death

    God the Lord has taken
    Though He has given too;
    For in your times of sorrow
    God shows His love for you.... more »

  • A Child's Poem

    I love God, he is good
    He loves me it's true
    God is in heaven above
    And Jesus loves me too.... more »

  • A Fool

    I am a fool for the Christ
    Far as this world's concerned
    But at the Rood of Calvary
    Is where true wisdom is learned.... more »

  • A Picture

    Sunset brings to us
    The closing of each day
    It can never be recaptured
    The same is of life's way.... more »

  • A Prophet

    A prophet
    is the one
    Through whom the Lord doth speak
    To encourage the house of faith... more »

  • A Real New Year

    God, thou crownest the year with thy goodness,
    The jubilee year of the Lord
    A year thou hast appointed -
    For thou hast kept thy word.... more »

  • A Touch Of Heaven

    All creation is burdened by sin
    And softness is really quite hard
    What we feel as gentle and light
    Heaven reveals all has been marred.... more »

  • A Word From The Foetus

    'I'm warm and feeling safe
    as I move around my room
    everything is soft and gentle
    inside my mother's womb.... more »

  • Accursed

    I have met the Logos
    Who spoke to me the Rhema
    He said, 'Denominations
    are to God but an-ath-em-ah.'... more »

  • Agape

    Love is of God, who gives

    Oracle of Christ, who lives... more »

  • Aids

    Aquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome
    Is what they say AIDS does stand for;
    Doubtless though I perceive that AIDS
    Stands for immeasurably more.... more »

  • Alone

    I walked alone one night
    And tears ran own my face
    For Yeshua had walked up to me
    To tell me of His grace.... more »

  • Are You Anxious?

    Be anxious for nothing
    But in everything do pray
    With supplication and thanksgiving
    Make your requests to God each day.... more »

  • At Dawn

    At dawn this I do see
    Another day God gives to me,
    A day where I must live for Him
    And over sin a victory win.... more »

  • At Last I Am Perfect

    At last I am perfect, perfect in Christ
    In Him the fulness of God
    At last I am perfect, perfect in Christ
    In Him the perfection of God.... more »

  • At Sunset

    Today I was angry with the Lord
    I swore, and in my sin
    I knew all along it was me
    Not Him who was wrong.... more »

  • Away In Old Babel

    Away in old Babel, the harlot's gold bed,
    The baby god Tammuz lay down his stone head;
    His whore mother Ishtar - great Babylon's light,
    The pure virgin goddess gave birth on that night.... more »

  • Be Not Ashamed

    Be not ashamed of Yeshua!
    You Christian, when comes strife;
    Or Yeshua will erase your name -
    From the book of life.... more »

  • Be Seperate

    Be seperate all you people
    From wickedness and sin
    Seperate unto God
    Eternal life to win.... more »

  • Be Sure

    Be sure when you go in
    He knows the truth, does He
    I talked about all sorts of things
    But He said, 'Depart from me'... more »

  • Because He Loves Me

    Because he loves me
    There is no cross I will not bear;
    Because he loves me
    I am no longer in despair;... more »

  • Before Abraham Was, I Existed

    Yeshua is Lord, El Gibbor is He
    Listen not unto the liar who says, 'This cannot be'
    For many shall come unto you, to steal your eternal life
    Satan's emissaries of lies, wrath, destruction and strife.... more »

  • Being There

    It was early in the morning
    About the break of day
    I was sitting in the garden
    When some people passed my way.... more »