• Bumble Rumble Riff-Raff Ramble

    So very good - you're bad.
    So addictive - I've been had.
    Don't know how to take you.
    Can't know how to shake you.... more »

  • Chance

    A chance desire to meet,
    left me begging at your feet.
    A triumph of the mind,
    if not defeat.... more »

  • Close Far Away

    What are you thinking about?
    I need to know, remove all doubt.
    I'd take a guess, remove the stress,
    but can't take it if I'm wrong.... more »

  • Darkness Of Light

    The darkness of light,
    the silence of sound.

    The unnerving glance,... more »

  • Forever For You

    I'm having a bad heart day,
    'cause it's starting without you.
    Can't wait for it to be over,
    so it can end close to you.... more »

  • Found

    Softness was lost,
    until it found your sweet soul.

    Stars found their mirror,... more »

  • I Love You

    How many times,
    did I waste too much time,
    with such silly rhymes,
    instead of just saying -... more »

  • Inside, Outside

    inside cryin'
    outside dyin'
    look real close,
    I'm not lyin'... more »

  • L.S.M.F.T

    Mastered the art of no rhyme or reason.
    Once ready to party, no matter the season.
    Now 'Whole Lotta Love' much too loud anymore.
    Gotta turn down the silence, to understand what for.... more »

  • Less Than Never, Forever

    Less than perfect.
    Less than true.
    Less than never,
    will be without you... more »

  • Lonely In Love With You

    Hands can't quite cope.
    Heart filled with hope.
    Mind filled with regret.
    Another day, another misstep.... more »

  • Lost And (Not) Found

    In shadows of morning,
    when shapes appear from what's left of the night,
    (half-light,)... more »

  • Mental Midget - Minute Moment

    Guess the time seemed right for you to go.
    Couldn't take it any longer,
    through no fault of your own.... more »

  • Never Again Goodbye

    We brush past each other in the darkness.
    Electric is the moment.
    Heat lightning, sparks flying,
    whispers through the air.... more »

  • Nevermore

    If nevermore we laughed again,
    then nevermore I'd sing.

    If nevermore we grew so close,... more »

  • Notion

    The waves from every ocean,
    the boughs from every tree,
    the sighs from every notion,
    cannot take your thoughts from me.... more »

  • Obit

    Often over-looked, dismissed,
    relegated to back pages,
    with furniture ads and miracle cures.... more »

  • Patience Breakdown

    Phone don't ring, door bell too.
    Mailbox empty, scene so blue.
    Patience breakdown, anxiety accrue.
    Just can't wait, to hear from you.... more »

  • Point Taken

    Stones skippin' softly 'cross the waves of my heart.
    Tongue-twisted mind, just don't know where to start.

    Sitting still in the dark, sippin' liquid delight.... more »

  • Preamble To The Ramble

    Cryptic little deceptions,
    logged within my mind.
    Moonlight in your eyes,
    Walk always beneath clear skies.... more »

  • Prevention Retention

    I love the unintentional,
    the teasing, unconventional.
    Thinking always in rhyme,
    unnecessary prose in three-quarter time,... more »

  • Sincerity's Fleeting Flash

    Tapestry of devotion, woven tightly to a single link.
    Artistry of emotions, blended chorus, so distinct.
    Fleeting flash. Forces running, risking on instinct.
    Don't turn away quickly. Sincerity fades with just a blink.... more »

  • Tears For You Tonight

    I have tears for you tonight,
    as darkness dims all hope for your reprise.
    Nothing more have I to give,
    as it's sure that you'll not live,... more »

  • The Difference

    Words and letters thrown haphazard 'cross a table.
    Some deal in truth, others strictly in fable.

    If given the chance to do it over again,... more »

  • Tomorrow Yesterday

    Six o'clock in the morning,
    not like any other time of day.
    Time to clear your thoughts,
    or save them all from slipping away.... more »