Richard Phiri is a young and ambitious Zambian man with rich dreams.
I started writing poetry end 2014 and this has been my passion ever since with no signs of giving up the pen as it have helped me give up the pain i have gone through, poetry is more than just an art for me, i take it as therapy, a way of expressing myself fully holding nothing back.
It's a medium i use to give my opinion on matters, tell a story, encourage somebody and above all talk about issues that really matter.
With with art i intend to reach greater heights even the sky won't be the limit


Richard Phiri Poems

Still In Line

They say men don't cry
Then does that make me less of a man
Man try telling that to my virility
I feel my own thoughts are constantly at war with me... more »


I wrote my letters to you and i wrote then with black ink its quite sad,
I wrote my letters to you and i wrote them in bold so that you could capitalize on my luck of discretion and finally assess the situation arriving to an obvious conclusion that i needed you back, see
Without you my heart was bleeding and i wish i had written my letters with blood,
The paper wet and brown from the salty tears that fell off from my eyes as i cried for you, see i felt pain and rage but with the pen i had to stay gentle,... more »

What If

what if i wrote you a poem, just what would i say
Wouldi use the same energy and enthusiasm as i do when its not about you to deliver the contents of my heart enveloped in a piece kissed with ink with a signature below to show that i curved this masterpiece
Michael Angelo in writing, inticing you with words that serenads the walls of your heart, a rhythm so beautiful even nature would feel jealous
a perfectly scripted poem with no errors but roses are red and violets are blue, a thought of you always leaves my mind in a mess that's why i always fail to write for you... more »

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